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Uproar Ensues After Coney Hospital Doc Fired


A respected doctor was laid off earlier this month after nearly 40 years at Coney Island Hospital, sparking outrage from former co-workers.

More than 300 doctors and nurses have signed a petition demanding the rehiring of 68-year-old cancer surgeon Dr. Quamer Amirudin, 1010 WINS reports.

The August 7 firing came as a surprise, as Amirudin was let go just as he completed performing surgery.

“Immediately the barcode on my ID card was taken away,” Dr. Amirudin told 1010 WINS. “I couldn’t get on to computers.”

He was one of 12 doctors laid off at Coney Island Hospital, and one in thousands that the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation announced they’re laying off this year. Officials say budget cuts are to blame.

According to 1010 Wins, Amirudin drops in often to visit patients, but has refused work offers elsewhere.

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  1. cut backs, no surprise here. obama has so far not stimulated anything except rich peoples pockets…. im willing to bet america totally fails in 2014~15. hell, im counting on it so maybe the sheeple will revolt and stop being so ignorantly controlled by money and not passion.

  2. So this is where it starts. Soon only the rich will afford to see a specialists. This would mean the rest of us poor slobs (and that is rapidly becoming you middle class folk) will be dealing with clinics only. Fine with me as long as Bloomie has to take a #, sit and wait also.

  3. Well, Coney Island Hospital would have been closed some years back if it wasn’t the only hospital within a reasonable distance for a significant number of people. The care in that place is atrocious. I can’t speak specifically about Dr. Amirudin, but many of their doctors are subpar. I wouldn’t trust them with a hangnail.

    This is the problem when private systems compete with public ones. Very few really competent doctors these days are in it for the love of humanity. Not surprising, the values we hold as a society nowadays are poor ones.


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