UPDATED: FDNY Reports 7 Injured After School Bus Flips In Crash On 4th Avenue [Video]

bus crash
Photo by Mary Bakija

According to the Home Reporter, a yellow school bus flipped onto its side after being involved in a crash. The bus was reportedly struck by another vehicle.

The crash happened at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 1st Street. Officials say the first call was received at 3:08pm Friday afternoon. Initial reports state five people have been injured — inclusive of four children.

Update [January 9, 7am]: Four children and three adults were injured, according to the latest information from the FDNY. One child’s injuries are serious, but not life threatening. The others had minor injuries.

All were taken to Methodist hospital, said fire officials.

A representative from the NYC Office of Pupil Transportation would not release information about the age of the children, or what school the children were traveling from.

A video and commentary provided by 4 New York describes the sequence of events, explaining, “a white truck [is]  pulling into the busy intersection when the school bus pulls up alongside it, then crosses in front of it to turn into the intersection. The Mustang driver apparently doesn’t see the bus until it’s too late.”

Neighbor Olivia Williamson is a personal chef and caterer who works in the neighborhood and passed by the scene soon after the accident. “The bus was bizarrely unharmed, just laying on it’s side,” she said. “What did make me nervous though is how does a bus, a school bus no less, tip over completely on it’s side so easily? I have kids and always neurotically worry about field trips.”

Williamson described the children as “dazed and confused but things were remarkably calm and again, no one was being swept away or anything like that.”

As for the Mustang that was in the crash, Williamson observed that “the front end was smashed, for sure, but not super dramatically. The driver of the car seemed in fairly good condition and was conversing with a cop, albeit from a gurney but they weren’t in any rush to take him away or anything.”

This is a developing story and we will provide updated information as we receive it. [January 9, 2:30pm]


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