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Updated Update: Watch “Louie” with Community Bookstore Tonight at Loki


Earlier this week, Community Bookstore was still scouting potential locations for tonight’s “Louie” viewing party. A few hours ago, I mistakenly updated that they’d be showing the episode at the store (Twitter — it has some downsides as a news source). Anyway: here’s the current plan, just in from the folks at Community:

Tonight! 10:30pm! Watch “Louie” with us at Loki Lounge (5th Avenue and 2nd Street)  and see our store on TV. Your favorite staff member (Tiny) didn’t make the cut, but Dan, a close second in likeability polls, did. Watch him struggling not to upstage Louie CK and Parker Posey.
If you can’t make it to Loki (and our apologies for the late notice-it’s not easy finding a bar with TVs that’s not fearful of bookstore rowdies) you can watch “Louie” on FX in the safety of your home. And, with luck and if we behave ourselves, Loki will let us back next week when the second bookstore episode airs.

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