Update On Sunday’s 18th Avenue Fire

Image by Joseph L.

Reader Joseph L. contacted Bensonhurst Bean last night to say he spoke with the owner of the laundromat in the building on 18th Avenue, between 62nd Street and 63rd Street, which suffered some major damage from Sunday’s blaze.

“According to him (the store owner), the fire was possibly due to old wiring,” Joseph L. told Bensonhurst Bean. “From what I could see of the inside, the laundry mat was basically gutted, with portions of the ceiling coming down and the flooring destroyed.”

Joseph wrote in an e-mail that the owner is seeking to rebuild his business but that it should take some time, due to the amount of damage.

He also informed us that the two floors of apartments above street level are vacant with boarded up windows. A red cross truck was seen outside Sunday at around 4 p.m., tending to residents made homeless by the fire.


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