Update On DOI's Blizzard Investigation

We just received this from the NYC Department of Investigation, which is looking into allegations of a Department of Sanitation slowdown during the blizzard response. Those who witnessed trucks going down streets with plows raised, or other incidents that may imply a slowdown, are urged to call DOI’s snow hotline at (212) 825-3338.

The following update on DOI’s investigation into the snow storm was issued by DOI Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn today:

“DOI is continuing its multi-borough investigation that we started last week into whether there is any evidence of intentional acts of commission or omission related to the snow cleanup.  DOI is attacking this wide-ranging investigation on several fronts, including examining relevant data, such as sanitation attendance records, issues related to equipment and personnel, and specific anecdotes received from the public. DOI is also targeting areas where there has been a high-degree of concern regarding the plowing of snow. And DOI investigators are interviewing  sanitation supervisors in the five boroughs. DOI is following the facts and moving as quickly as possible in this investigation.

“That there are now a number of other offices who have begun inquiries is welcome.  To have more eyes in offices looking at this is welcome.  To determine what happened throughout the City is an enormous undertaking and we are glad that others have joined in the inquiry.  We will share our findings and assist as much as possible.

“We continue to urge members of the public, most especially City employees, to report any information related to this matter, particularly allegations involving intentional acts by commission or omission, and any evidence of encouraging, suggesting, or participating in a work slowdown. City employees are protected from retaliation by the City’s whistleblower law. Anyone with information should call DOI’s snow hotline at (212) 825-3338.”

DOI is one of the oldest law-enforcement agencies in the country. The agency investigates and refers for prosecution City employees and contractors engaged in corrupt or fraudulent activities or unethical conduct. Investigations may involve any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the City, as well as those who do business with or receive benefits from the City.