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Update: Markowitz Begins Coney Casino Coalition

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This week Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced he’d support a casino in Coney Island. Wednesday, Marty Markowitz began a coalition backing gambling in Coney Island, according to the Daily News.

“Back in January when I called for casino gambling, at that moment I was like playing blackjack and asking the dealer to hit on 20, but now the idea of casino gambling is coming up aces,” said Markowitz.

Markowitz believes a casino would bring jobs and revenues to the area, but other politicians haven’t been so quick to back the idea because of moral reasons.

State Senator Dov Hikind is opposed to legalized gambling, citing the impact it may have on people in the community.

“I’m deeply concerned about the repercussions in our community. It shouldn’t just be about raising money,” said Hikind.

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz has voiced similar concerns, but said he would support a casino as long as money is set aside for compulsive gambling treatment programs.

“I support the principle of casino gambling to provide additional revenues to New York State,” said Cymbrowitz.

In order for a bill to be passed to legalize gambling in the city, the state legislature must pass a constitutional amendment to approve the casinos, and then it must be approved by voters.

Coney Island will also have to compete with other locations such as Willets Point in Queens and the Catskills.

Local State Senator Diane Savino backs the casino, but cautioned that legal gambling in New York City is still a long way from becoming a reality.

“The earliest gambling could come to the boardwalk would be Januray, 2014..I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves.”

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  1. Along with the G.A. will the pawn shops be closely monitored for stolen goods? 
    Can we have it like Hollywood Blvd? I want the corner dressed up as Elvis charging for pics. TYVM.

  2. markowitz is a bottom feeder. in brighton beach he ignored and alienated the community by proposing to tear  down the only park,Seabreeze Park, and build a year round concert arena. He wanted to hold indoor concerts all year with thousands of cars coming into an overcrowded residential area,off the boardwalk.he wanted thousands of people from everywhere to invade Brighton Beach, constantly, and destroy a relatively peaceful community.  there were summer concerts going on,for years,together with weekly fireworks, that were causing much noise and turning sleeping children into screaming children.Markowitz wanted to do this all year,driving families to move away,so developers,all his friends,could move in and have their way.

    now he wants to turn coney island into las vegas. sure, lets have all the drugs and prostitution that brings, together with the crime bosses,hookers,pimps,street thugs,cheap dives,drunks, all the human filth and garbage that men like Markowitz call
    “jobs and revenues.”    then watch the 60th precinct on west 8th forget all else and just have to deal with the increased crime from organized gambling. watch the residents of the local community lose whatever  protection they have now,as police have to deal with the crime that comes with gamblers.

    Coney Island already has enough crime,now, with Mexican gangs,drugs,murders and assorted violence. Police are doing their best there now,just to contain this,in a community plagued with poverty,unemployment,drug and alcohol addiction.Police don’t need more of the same. and Brooklyn doesn’t need it either. Murder rates in brooklyn are exploding now. and the State Of NY does not have to be a greedy,immoral and stupid force for evil in the boro of Brooklyn, once called the boro of Churches.

    where are the moal leaders of Brooklyn now- the religious men and women,telling government NOT to use the tools of corruption to finance the state. Is Dov Hikind the only voice of decency in Brooklyn. the Markowitzes are everywhere,feathering their own nests, while the State Of NY joins together with the forces of evil.

     will you bring your children to the rides in Steeplechase in the midst of this Dante’s Inferno?

  3. This shall be an upscale casino. After all, a number of corporations are investing in Coney Island now, and their plans call for making this a playground for the rich. So think Monte Carlo.

    However, I do not think that they have reached that point of realization yet. They just want a casino. Or two. Or five. They are certainly not thinking about ramifications. I assume that they simply don’t care.

  4. remember how OTB was going for schools- all the money would be for education,said the state of NY.
    well, how are the schools doing with all that OTB money? they are being closed by the dozens for failing,that’s how. 

      they always have a “cover” story about how gambling revenue will be for social good. but its always in the hands of the rich and powerful, with bottom feeder politicos leading the way.

     gambling in america sucks billions of dollars out of the economy and all the real jobs that could bring. It goes to all the wrong people for all the wrong things, and the unemployment lines grow longer.  how many more kids will be kidnapped into the sex trade to house all the new brothels that will appear? that’s just one of the ramifications of a sick and immoral society.

  5. OTB is smelly and Slow…….. if i want to lose my money in 5 minutes i should have all right to.

    fuckin horses run to damn slow.

  6. Putting casinos on Coney Island has been on the back burner for I guess all the pieces are coming together

  7. You should see what casinos did for Dubuque.  Once a dying town when industry left it, casinos started a real boom, for many years now, and now the town is diverse, economically, and doing well.  We’re moving from here soon to someplace bigger and better, but I do have to say, the casinos were one of the best things that ever happened to this place.  And they started off with low betting limits.

  8. you are right- it was the lottery. nevertheless, as millions pour into the purchase of lottery tickets, especially by the working poor and working class folks, the school closings  mount, the drop out rate continues, the use of drugs and sex to escape the hopelessness of being young in todays America(and finally, enlistment in the armed services) all these and more show how little our society understands or cares about its citizens.

     just look at the schools in places like taiwan,Japan,Singapore,in european countries as well, where youth are not lied to,discarded,isolated,feared, but are given direction,relevancy,training,support.
     america drives its youth into alcoholism, crime,violence,self-destruction,bankruptcy, and continueing meaningless foreign wars that eat up billions of dollars which could go for education.
    We watch as our youth return maimed,physically and mentally, to an empty future,just as empty as the one they enlisted to escape. we see our veterans fall victim to unemployment,dwindling health services, mounting suicide rates, while other societies do not destroy themselves as we do.

    as a last resort, government turns to vice as a way to pay lip service to fulfilling its responsibilities to provide for the general welfare, and hypocritically exploits the desperation of those buying lottery tickets, gambling away their rent money,etc.

    america turns away from taxing those with the most,the top 1%, the Mitt Romneys who hide,in shame and fear, the truth about all their cowardly acts, but continues to tax,unfairly, the middle class  and working poor, to pay for the bailouts of crooked banks, and
    insane wars, and does nothing to combat rising food and gas prices,costs of medicines and health care.

    american schools decline, horrible debt awaits those able to get a college education,
    poverty and homelessness,foreclosures,long term unemployment( 3 years or more), all increase, while the luxury housing,25,000 square ft. mansions multiply,limos and luxury cars everywhere, and billions pour into the politicians campaign funds from,among others, gamblers.
    It was a casino billionaire giving his money to republican candidates for president that got all the attention.
    so, why  shouldn’t casinos be built right in the middle of one of most deprived parts of NYC, where low income families  struggle to survive, gangs,drugs,murder, all thrive. don’t be fooled into believing the few jobs in the casinos will go to any locals.

    If you were poor,unemployed,living in fear on meager government handouts, would you enjoy watching the limos drive by on their way to playing all the games they play in Monte Carlo?

  9. I’m in favor of the casinos. As long as it doesn’t replace the amusements. Coney needs continuing development. And no, it will not come from the beloved “mom and pop shops”…

          Those arguing against it seem to be against it because it won’t solve every neighborhood problem known to mankind.

       Here’s a note to the uninformed: gambling is rampant already in the neighborhood. And the criminals are running it. I know some of the bookies. They do quite well.  I would rather have a casino running it, and the govt getting the tax money.

        The government is mis-spending casino-earned money elsewhere? Wow, government wasting money? Nah.Never. Well WHY DON’T YOU EVER GIVE ME THAT ARGUMENT WHEN YOU’RE YELLING TO RAISE TAXES, RAISE TAXES, RAISE TAXES? How come you  yell for more and more government control of our money and now the argument is that we shouldn’t have casinos because the government wastes money? If you feel that way, you should support Mr. Ryan.

         Suddenly, people want to be tough on crime when it comes to a casino, and it’s not even a crime!!!! Don’t make me laugh.


  10. for decades we have heard that gambling in Coney would bring needed JOBS to the area…and then we watched as business after business was kicked out and or closed (to make the case) what we really have here are people who see our shoreline and think they struck GOLD but they dont see the neighborhoods or the families or the people struggling to make this a HOME…  all they see is $$$$ in their pockets.   There are other things that could be built in this area that would bring JOBS but they dont come with big windfall profits for a handful of investors …  Gambling in COney would destroy the amusement area, it would bring crime and corruption and HIGH PRICED condos on concrete boardwalks…  the traffic alone would be a total nightmare for the neighborhood and MARTY and his ‘investor group’ cares less about that then they did when his concert series grew to big for seabreeze park and so he decided to simply destroy the park.  Marty is now vindictive towards our neighborhood becasue he didnt get his year round concert venue in our park and was forced to go into Coney proper so NOW he has decided to destroy Coney instead.

    Marty LET CONEY DIE on his watch for just this purpose….  and now that he knows he will NOT be the next mayor he has decided to join the thor group and remake coney in order to make Money for themselves and the neighborhood be damned.

    ANYONE who thinks this will be good for Coney should stop thinking Vegas or monte carlo is NUTS…  Coney doesnt have the room for a BIG Casino unless Coney is destroyed to make that room.    Marty wants HIS NAME in lights…   Coney will become a victim of his hunger for fame.

    Gambling was and still IS a bad idea for our area but MARTY could care less…  he is a fame hungry almost ex politician and he see’s Coney as nothing but his path to that ‘fame’

  11. Ann Coney Island is NOT a dying industry town…  it is a thriving community of hard working families that are fortunate to live by the beautiful shoreline of Bklyn.  the JOBS talk has been going on for decades… its not about JOBS, its about making money for a handful of non resident investors who want our shoreline to make their own profits.  in this case Casinos would destroy a community, not revive it.

  12. you want revival and JOBS…  build the Y that WAS proposed for coney.. the one with the year round olympic pool.  THAT would bring jobs and actually enhance the neighborhood… casinos would bring crime to coney on a scale that you can’t imagine and the only people would would financially benefit would be a handful of investors who own thew casino.  you say GREAT, as long as it doesnt destroy the amusement area but the amusement area isthe only place big enough to put a casino that MARTY has been instrumental in trying to close down the rides – the only reason we got the SCREAM ZONE was because the residents said NO thor and kept saying NO…  but Marty keeps sayin YES dispite what the residents of coney want.

  13. Kool, no reason a couple of casinos can’t coincide with a growing amusement area. Get those freaking bus depots out of prime oceanfront land, get Bullard to sell the property he is spitefully holding onto, and there’s more than enough land for both. No, I wouldn’t want Coney taken over totally by casino/hotel/condos. It’s not a one-or-the-other issue.

        You say the only reason we got Scream Zone (and I assume you include new Luna Park) was because residents said no to Thor.  Well, they also said NO to Zamperla, and needed this to be shoved down their throats. Now look at it, people are swarming to amusements, it’s leading the Coney Island comeback.   People in this neighborhood are against ANY business if you mention the word “corporation”. It’s a political thing. They’d rather the area be a dump, which is what is was. I see a casino or two as a push to continue Coney Island’s miraculous comeback.

  14. Marty bought a $1.5 million house in Windsor terrace…I think that is the Perfect place to build a gambling Casino!

  15. “With a new advertising blitz and a new $2.4 billion casino, Atlantic
    City was betting on a comeback this summer. Instead, the stabbing deaths
    of two tourists in broad daylight last week outside of the Bally’s
    casino underscored the seedy side of Atlantic City that officials like
    to gloss over.”

    “There is a link between gambling and increased homelessness. Several
    years after casinos came to Atlantic City, the Associated Press reported
    on a study that found half of the city’s homeless arrived after the
    casinos opened.”

    ” gambling has been linked to other problems such as increases in crime,
    bankruptcy, divorce and suicide. As such, it is fair to argue that
    gambling leads to deeper social and economic problems that undermine the
    jobs and tax revenue that come from casinos.”

    Despite the billions of dollars that have flowed through the casinos
    over the years, Atlantic City remains a poor, corrupt and dysfunctional
    city. Outside the gleaming casinos, the desolate streets are littered
    with homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes.

    Pawn shops, pay-day lenders and soup kitchens abound, save for a
    couple block stretch of attractive retail outlets. The casinos have not
    spurred much other commercial development. The residential real estate
    boom that has lifted the surrounding Jersey Shore points has largely
    skipped past Atlantic City.”

  16. A 1998 Montana study estimated
    that problem gamblers accounted for 36 percent of revenue from
    electronic gambling devices and 18 percent of lottery scratch-ticket
    sales. A 1999 Louisiana study determined that problem gamblers accounted
    for 30 percent of spending on riverboat casinos, 42 percent of spending
    at Indian casinos, and 27 percent of betting on video lottery terminals
    and other electronic games.from the NY POST

  17. one more comment… a quote, actually, from an Atlantic city paper (who’s link I cannot seem to post on SB???)

    about all those JOBS for Coney residents…

    “it has been a long running Joke among the people who work in the Casino’s that NO ONE who works there actually LIVES in Atlantic City”


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