Joseph Brown, Suspect In Coney Island Shooting, Released After Claiming False Arrest

Joseph Brown Source: NYPD via

Joseph Brown was released from NYPD custody this past Friday in what may be his third false arrest, according to a report by the New York Daily News. Late last month, Brown was arrested as the prime suspect in a brutal Coney Island shooting that left one dead and three injured at the Gravesend Houses (2703 West 33rd Street). Witnesses and family members quickly went to Brown’s aid, providing an alibi based on the fact that he was playing video games at the time of the shootings.

For Brown, this was the third time he was falsely arrested. The New York Daily News described Brown’s unlucky history in detail:

The first time the Coney Island native was arrested was back on May 9, 2007, when he was walking home after a day of work at his neighborhood Pathmark.
Brown was stopped by officers and arrested on drug possession charges. The charges were later dropped, and Brown sued for false arrest. The city settled his claim for $30,000.
He was arrested again this past Nov. 1, when police identified him as one of the 16 looters who ripped off a Neptune Ave. Key Food after Hurricane Sandy.

Although Brown has been released, he is still required to attend a court hearing on May 29 as the investigation is still ongoing. If Brown’s innocence is officially confirmed, another lawsuit filed on his behalf might be coming the near future.


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