UPDATE: Husband Arrested In Midwood Murder Case

1315 Ave. N (Source: Google Maps)
1315 Ave. N (Source: Google Maps)

The police have arrested the boyfriend of slain Midwood woman Yevonnee Gefner, whose decomposing body was found with a bizarre confession note that read, “I killed my wife she’s putting spells on me.” The New York Daily News is reporting that the man, identified as 62-year-old Ronald Friedfertig, beat and stabbed his wife to death in their apartment located at 1315 Avenue N.

According to a CBS NY report, despite the note that identified Gefner as Friedfertig’s wife, the couple was not married. After Friedfertig allegedly killed Gefner, he attempted to kill himself by jumping in front of a Q-train as it entered the Avenue M station. He suffered a broken neck and arm and was subsequently being treated at the Kings County Hospital.

The murder has shaken the otherwise quiet community.

“It’s a very Orthodox Jewish community, very tight-knit and everybody keeps an eye on one another,” neighbor Michael Wright said to CBS. “It’s kind of hard to have a murder right here.”

Friedfertig has been charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon.


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