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Update: Grimm Apologizes To NY1 Reporter, Says He Was Emotional


This morning, Congressman Michael Grimm called up the NY1 reporter he threatened with physical violence after the State of the Union and apologized, according to a Tweet by that reporter.

Politico, meanwhile, tracked down the congressman for further explanation:

“I’m a human being, and sometimes your emotions get the better of you,” Grimm said. “The bottom line, though, is it shouldn’t happen, you shouldn’t lose your cool. That’s why I apologized. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and you have to admit it. It shouldn’t happen.”

The Politico reporter also asked if Grimm had been drinking. The congressman laughed and said, “No. That’s silly.”

He declined to respond to Politico’s follow up questions about the FBI investigation into his campaign’s fundraising – the topic which caused him to threaten the NY1 reporter with physical violence last night. However, when asked if he had talked to the FBI or Justice Department, he said, “No, not at all.”

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  1. If you want to act in good faith, Congressman, start answering the questions that the media and your constituents have about these investigations.

  2. What a jerk. He uses “you” instead of “i” or “my.” Here’s his same statement without the evasion:

    “I’m a human being, and sometimes my emotions get the better of me,” Grimm said. “The bottom line, though, is it shouldn’t happen, I shouldn’t lose my cool. [But I do, repeatedly.] That’s why I apologized. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, [nobody’s disputing this] and I have to admit it. [It’s literally the least I can do.] It shouldn’t happen. [But does, and will again.]”

    Otherwise, the way he said it, it’s as if he’s got something to teach us: “When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.” No duh, doof. He is the only person who doesn’t know the lame sentiments in those sentences.

    Is this guy the best we can do? We need to stop giving jerks jobs.


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