Unplowed Corners Piss Off Resident

Reader Paul Anderson linked us to this photo in his Flickr account, accompanied by the following rant:

This corner, like many corners in this neighborhood are hazardous after any snowstorm because the businesses and residents don’t consider removing the snow and ice from the crosswalks that approach the curbs. The business that faces this crosswalk is a Marines Recruitment Office. Shouldn’t they be more conscientious? The only part of the street that seems to get the most attention is what is used by cars. When I spent some time in a small town in Pennsylvania this condition was a “given”. The car was King and sidewalks were an afterthought. This is Brooklyn not Southeast Bumblef-ck! Can’t the community leaders, whoever they are, get their act together and do something about these continuously hazardous conditions for young and old alike?

I took a walk from this very corner to Avenue U the other day and had this problem just about every corner I passed. My ankles were coated with thick brown slush, and I almost slipped a few times (new source of revenue for Sheepshead Bites?). Your thoughts?