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Two Teens Arrested After Gunshots Fired At Kings Plaza Mall

(Photo by Patti Pappagallo)

Cops arrested two teens late Saturday night, one suspected of firing a gun inside Kings Plaza Mall earlier that evening.

The gun was fired just before 6pm on Saturday, June 8 at 5100 Kings Plaza, said cops. Mallgoers told CBS News that it was a frantic scene, and shoppers were told to evacuate. Some report hearing a loudspeaker announcement telling them to leave the building, others say they didn’t know what was happening.

FDNY said that no one was shot, but one person sustained a minor injury.

Later that night, police found a shell casing inside the mall and a suspect carrying a gun.

Shooting suspect Quentin Raymond was charged with attempted assault, criminal use of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment, said cops. A second teen, Jeremy Denaud, was also charged with four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Cops said via social media that the shooting was criminal in nature and not an active shooter incident.

The Kings Plaza Mall has been the site of at least two violent brawls. In 2014, an apparently pre-organized mob of 500 teenagers became rowdy and forced security to call for backup from the NYPD and to shutter the mall for two hours until order was restored. Another “teen riot” occurred that with approximately 100 teens, which led to arrests. And during that high-tension time, Mall security guards were suspended after being caught on video punching and kicking a teen in what they say was an attempt to control a brewing brawl.

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  1. The part you leave out about these “riots” Is the racially explicit comments the thugs were saying and who they were attacking. I guess in your eyes racism only occurs against black people . Neighborhood residents have been avoiding kings plaza for decades due to the racial issues


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