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Two Arrests Following Kings Plaza Teen Riot

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Two people were arrested in connection with yesterday’s mayhem at Kings Plaza Mall, in which at least 100 teenagers created chaos as they ran through the complex in the second such incident in as many months, Councilman Alan Maisel informed Sheepshead Bites today.

The two busted were charged with disorderly conduct, according the councilman, who was briefed on the situation this morning by the NYPD’s 63rd Precinct Community Affairs division.

The NYPD’s 63rd Precinct has not returned calls from this outlet for confirmation. The NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information at 1 Police Plaza had no information regarding arrests in connection with the incident – but such a discrepancy could be caused if the arrests did not happen at the mall’s address.

According to the councilman, as well as accounts from leaders of local civic associations who were also briefed by the precinct, the 63rd Precinct knew about the planned disorder in advance. The mob was organized on Facebook under an event titled “Kings Plaza Maddness Part 1.”

“[The police] knew about it happening because apparently they were the same group [that organized the mob in December], or the same person that posted it last time. So the police department was prepared to be there. They made a couple of arrests,” Maisel told Sheepshead Bites.

Maisel added that this week’s disruption included about 150 culprits, scaled back from the 400 or so estimated by mall security following the December riot. Police told him that there was no damage, larceny, injuries or any other criminal behavior evident during yesterday’s incident other than the disorder created by the sheer number of unruly teenagers.


The councilman met just last week with mall security and the 63rd Precinct’s Deputy Inspector John Rowell about beefing up the shopping center’s security.

“This is the kind of thing that’s going to happen time and time again because apparently this is like the hoot for these kids. I don’t understand it, but this is what they like to do,” said Maisel.

Maisel said he’s trying to convince the mall to bring in a paid detail – NYPD officers commissioned specifically to keep order within the mall.

“Kings Plaza is spending a lot of money to upgrade the mall. They’re going to spend millions. We asked them to put in a paid detail. They claim the mall security is well trained, but they weren’t very forthcoming about their security arrangements,” he said. “A paid detail would seem like a very good thing for them. If you’re going to spend millions of dollars on upgrading the mall, you want people to come.”

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  1. Remember when Kings Plaza started charging 50 cents for parking, then raised it to $1, $2, and now $3? They claimed they needed that money for increased security? You think that ever happened? Or did that money just go into their pockets? Someone needs to investigate.

  2. Investigate what? A private for-profit business?

    Don’t like the parking fee? Don’t park there.
    Don’t think it is safe to shop there? then don’t.

  3. I guess you never been to the Queens Center mall then because they charge for parking over there as well. Any mall located in a highly congested area is going to charge for parking because it is a valuable asset. The Atlantic Terminal mall charges for parking and the Manhattan Mall does not even offer parking. Kings Plaza’s parking fee of $3 for as long as you want is not bad at all

  4. I googled it, and it turns out a flashmob is when kids get together and start dancing or doing some type of random theatrical performance in public. What’s wrong with that? Why would they be arrested? It sounds to be like racists are looking for a reason to send urban youth to jail. Makes me sick!!!!

  5. When the libtard news media says “Youths” (“Youfs”) or “Young People” you know what the race is.

  6. they weren’t looking to do a theatrical performance lol stop being so naïve….as stated in the facebook event invite created by the organizer they were looking to “lyte shit up”, and the event was titled “kings plaza maddness part 1” (and yes that’s how they spelled madness) bc clearly these are smart, creative, intelligent young people that are just being repressed bc theyre urban youth

  7. One thing that the two recent incidents at Kings Plaza have in common is that they both occurred when school was not in session. Spring break will be coming soon. Can we expect another incident? It seems that teens need to be engaged in meaningful developmental activites when school is out instead of wasting time hanging out and causing trouble at the mall. Better yet, maybe we need to reduce idle time by reducing the number and duration school holidays. Given the poor academic performance of too many students, increasing the school year could couldn’t hurt. Just a thought.

  8. The parking fee has long been a bone of contention. When the mall first opened, there was an agreement in writing that no fee would be charged. All of the elected officials objected when the fee was first instituted but lacked legal standing to make a court challenge. It was less of an issue when they had the outdoor lot that is now a Lowe’s…btw, the reason that the free parking was such an issue was the fact that the homeowners on adjacent blocks did not want people who did not want to pay the fee to park all over their residential blocks as they were there before the mall. When the Loew’s was to be built, we lost the outdoor parking lot and Susan Hinkson, who was then the Brooklyn Buildings Commissioner, asserted that based upon zoning regulations and retail space, the outdoor parking was not required. I went nuts on that, and demanded that the buildings plans for Kings Plaza be turned over to my office so we could have an analysis done to ascertain the mall’s compliance with parking/zoning requirements. I was denied access to the plans repeatedly over a 6 month period on the grounds that the building plans were “confidential” as a matter of national security. Seriously. I smelled a big rat here and when Ms. Hinkson came before the Council for her new appointment to the Board of Standards and Appeals (hmmm.) I held up her appointment for as long as my colleagues would permit. What KP should really do now in addition to what CM Maisel is urging, is do some construction work on its parking facility so that city buses can turnaround inside the mall, away from the snow, weather and traffic, that there be an interior taxi stand for legal operators in there as well, so that the nightmarish traffic congestion that is outside the mall can finally be alleviated and the insane use of dollar vans—all of which operate illegally in that area—-will be firmly discouraged in favor of access to legal transportation indoors. Oh, were it that I had a magic wand.
    Lew from Brooklyn

  9. Thanks for weighing in.

    It wouldn’t be that bad if the parking (which was free for 20 years) fee really went to security.

  10. Queens Center charges by the hour. Kings Plaza could do what some other malls do, charge for parking, but refund it if you make a minimum purchase. At least that would be a compromise.

  11. I’m glad you Googled what a flash mob is. Now…maybe you’d like to explain WHY you’d even do such a thing. This was NOT a Flash Mob. You are correct in your definition of one, however, this was NOT it. These kids did NOT show up to do a friggin dance for the entertainment of the people. They set up a riot of juvenile idiocy via FaceBook, to go to the mall in large numbers and terrorize people. Last time, they were all playing “the knockout game”…that is NOT a ‘theatrical performance”, it is assault. Learn what the hell is going on before you make asinine comments about people being racist. What makes ME sick, is people like YOU, who feel the need to put their two cents in, without so much as a flickering of detail on what actually happened. You sir, are a perpetuator of ignorance.

  12. And yet some comments on here say there are plenty of venues of food aid, health, housing, extracurricular youth programs when in reality many of these programs are being cut back


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