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BREAKING: Heavy Police Presence At Kings Plaza Mall, Rumors Of Another Teen Flash Mob

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We’re hearing from tipsters at Kings Plaza (5100 Kings Plaza) that there’s heavy police presence at the mall in response to another flash mob, with some on social media saying that stores may again be shut down.

One Twitter user counted as many as 14 NYPD vehicles near the entrances:

A Facebook user writes that police helicopters are also hovering in the area, and people are scrambling:


At least one person using Google+ claims the mob was organized on social media:


One tipster is calling it a riot, and said the stores are closing up as was done during an incident a few weeks ago. She left to avoid being locked into a store.

Apparently it’s causing problems for commuters trying to get past the mall:


The whole incident echoes the situation on December 26. The mall’s chief of security told Sheepshead Bites at the time that approximately 500 teenagers became rowdy, forcing security to call for backup from the NYPD and to shutter the mall for two hours until order was restored.

Then, as now, students had off from school.

No arrests were made in the December incident, and police from the 63rd Precinct sent an e-mail to community leaders calling the perpetrators “rambunctious teens acting like children,” but noted that there were “no reports of injuries, larcenies or property damage.”

That incident was also reported to have been “promoted” in advance on social media.

The mall was also the scene of a brazen mid-day smash-and-grab jewelry heist last week.

UPDATE (6:49 p.m.): Cops took heat from local elected officials after the previous incidents for not making any arrests. If our tipster is right, officers took the hint and are preparing to detain some of the offenders:


(“Tons and tons” is in response to our question about how many teens appeared to be involved.)

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

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  1. there’s an easy way to fix this. Put some big money into the mall, metal detectors (as all public places should have them for safety), have a mandatory curfew in effect after 8pm for those under 18, put in stores that don’t attract trash… done

  2. i cant believe there was not more publicity on this. Flatbush avenue was a mob scene. Traffic backed up to the entrance of the belt parkway with mobs of teenagers everywhere. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My normal commute home took an additional hour because I couldnt get past the mall. They need to shut down this crime magnet ASAP!!

  3. They should close the place and build high end condos! No low income crap but mint housing for people who earn a living not leech off society.

  4. No need to learn to spell either, idiot… And it is black kids doing it, so Sheepshead is just laying out the facts

  5. Everyone says young kids, youths, teens. No one is pointing out that the race of these youths is black which is a cause for concern because the neighborhood is mixed. If it were Asians doing this the media wouldve made the observation by now. Why is the news not reporting?

  6. Fucking garbage kids. Where were they raised, the jungle?! Seriously this is why this neighborhood is going downhill because of these incapable parents not having control over these hooligans. What happened to the good days when you can walk to KP without have to worry about getting robbed or play a victim of the knockout game or be in the middle of these “flash mobs” which are indeed riots. (Let’s stop sweetening what it really is). And it is all if not most BLACK kids

  7. My guess is they want commerce to go on at KP. Officials and store owners realize with more bad press, anyone who would have given KP a last chance, would definitely leave for good. I’m past that point and if I have to do any shopping in store, it’ll be in Manhattan

  8. Well since Spade is derogatory term for a black person I was calling you on that. Even if you did/didn’t mean it

  9. Use rubber bullets and taser on these animals next time. Moments like these makes me very glad I am white!

  10. That’s some vision that Dan Passarello had when he proposed the renovation of the mall to the community. heh…

  11. jboy, you realize you’re part of the problem, right? Seeing racism where it doesn’t exist? You’re a member of the modern-day PC patrol — that group of people who take it upon themselves to defend people who didn’t ask for their help, and then inadvertently fan the flames of race relations. Your post has brought attention on an issue that didn’t exist before you arrived in this thread.

  12. And sheepshead, you’re the exact opposite of what I mentioned above: a racist troll who actually *enjoys* fanning the flames of race relations. It’s no wonder we still have the problems we do in 2014 United States of America. Be proud, sheepshead.

  13. Fucking garbage kids. Where were they raised, the jungle?! Seriously this is why this neighborhood is going downhill because of these incapable parents not having control over these hooligans. What happened to the good days when you can walk to KP without have to worry about getting robbed or play a victim of the knockout game or be in the middle of these “flash mobs” which are indeed riots. (Let’s stop sweetening what it really is). And it is all if not most BLACK kids

  14. No one dares to pinpoint race and ethnicity. The moment you do (even if you’re 100%) correct, you end up with minority group leaders in outrage. You can’t be white and say this.. It makes you a bigot. And if you’re black and say it, you’re a traitor to your “race”. It doesn’t even have to be that you’re racist. You could just be making a clear observation which this case may be. Everyon knows after a certain time this mall changes over. I used to work in this mall and it has become exceedingly worse to be here. News and any publication makes sure to leave out race to decrease trouble from Sharpton and Jackson coming at them with obscene remarks of racism.

  15. It isn’t racist if it’s an observation. 98% of issues happens amongst black teenagers in the mall. It was that way when I worked there, and it’s multiplied by 100% now.

  16. Easy way to fix this. How about NO BLACK OR LATINO KIDS ALLOWED. We all know who the trouble making thugs are!! Effing savages!

  17. It’s sad that the homeowners in this area must endure this. These same people want to get out of there and are having trouble selling. Eventually minorities will buy up these lovely homes and as in the past turn the neighborhood into another squalor.

  18. As a white person and former resident of the immediate area and a former employee of that mall, I have this to say. This is awful. However, it must be kept in perspective. The mall is in a predominant white neighborhood. 70% of the patronage of that mall are african american thus with all things being equal, 70% of the crimes would be african american related. Lets also keep in mind, many of the “white” crimes are normally swept under the rug either because they come from families that are affluent or a father/relative in the police force. Which of course gives the illusion of african americans causing ALL of the crimes.

  19. Ur kidding me right? Im latina and my kids r half white. Ur telling me since my kids e Latino they shouldnt be allowed here. I make well over $100,000 a year, my kids are well educated and well behaved. Just because a few minorities were completely out of line does not give anyone the right to belittle others. Look at the white man who killed all the kids in sandyhook, the white man who shot up a movie theatre, the white man who shot up the malls. These are all massacres, u dont see anyone posting negative things about the white man. I think its time u grew up and open ir eyes, these kids r the least of our problems.

  20. yea look at all the white people who did shit outside of new york.. but inside kings plaza we dont want ghetto trash…

    how are u saying 500 ghetto people gathered together at the mall and bullying people isn’t a problem? They not buying anything and ruining the experience for others. Don’t they have better things to do?

  21. You might be right, but i dont go to schools and movie theaters, but i do walk down the streets and malls where black teenagers are looking to attack people. I dont want to be on this issue, and I agree with the PC Patrol comment guy, too many even on cnn have created issues into racial issues including the biased CNN. Teenagers suck, thats all i know, add the fact that alot have no father figures and bad upbringings and you have the knockout game. black or white they dont know better. i cant stand them, i was once a teenager too and now i look back and we were just stupid.

  22. A small fortune was spent years ago remodeling the mall, but sadly the remodeling cannot change the clientele. If my wife and I need to go to a mall, we’ll travel out to Roosevelt Field. It seems like Kings Plaza hosts a thug-o-rama every day, even without a flash mob showing up!

  23. How often do you read about or see for yourself thugs committing crimes? And what ethnicity are they most often? Black and latinos. Crime statistics also show the same thing. How often do you see white teens doing the same thing? Not often although it does happen sometimes. You should be more upset with your fellow latinos because they make you look bad. I grew up in knowing kids from the projects. We all know who the bad apples are. If you’re law abiding citizen .. good for you. But stats don’t lie. The truth hurts.

  24. Wow this is so sad. Good people of all color need to stand together and let these thugs know they will not get away with this behavior. This is the tipping point for the area that is so beloved to so many. No matter what your race is stand up to these thugs and be ready to protect yourselves.Where is the New Mayor in all this? When I lived there in the eighties the same behavior got some thugs shot dead on the train and New Yorkers rejoiced. Calling him the vigilantly to the surprise of all the liberals. If it weren’t for that incident NYC would have been more like current day Detroit.

  25. The police should question the organizer of that facebook invite why he invited 1300 black teenagers to meet in the circle in kings plaza to “Lyt Shit Up.” for what purpose… he also prepared them ahead of time. just a meeting of the teens?

  26. the police need to go and talk to their parents i dont think they are even aware these teens are getting together for mischief. what is this meeting for? to “Lyt Shit Up”.

  27. You sound like one of the dudes that moved to Florida twenty years ago and still thinks all is same in new york. I grew up in a neighborhood and went to school with all latinos, i havent met many near me in many many years. And the ones i do meet are hard working, educated. things change my friend. Go back to your clubhouse and scratch yourself

  28. I grew up and lived here since the 70s. I remember the 70s and 80s. Crime was through the roof. When Guiliani took over crime dropped big time. It was because of his policies establishing a large police force. Robberies and crime in general are rising again. Do you know what has not changed? The thugs and their ethnicity. Back in the 70s the thugs were black and latino and now in 2014 its still the blacks and latinos. Nothing has changed. You claim you’re hard working and educated. Hey good for you (if its true). You can make all the claims you want but crime stats don’t lie. My personal experiences growing up in NYC for the past 40 years don’t lie.

  29. Where did i mention i was latino? you have already established that didnt you? you clearly dont go out much do you? I pegged you correctly.


  31. I don’t know what the deal is with these lil punks now a days , thinking they can do what they want cuz there mom and dads didn’t bring them up with respect! I say you lock all them lil aminals in a cage where they should be. The cops are out there locking people up that never did a crim in there life but can’t lock up 10 spooks out of 100 of em robbing shyt and acting like there in a fucking jungle .

  32. All of them should of been arrest for rude and disorderly conduct & also for having to shut down the stores so innocent people did not get hurt. It is just sad that adults can not control their teenage children, Maybe that is because the parents are children themselves.

  33. this was a white nieghborhood and it should stay like that, there is a reason why homes in mill basin are sky high…. upper class people not trash who think mob riots are appropriate

  34. I disagree. You can’t blame the economy when a bunch of school kids who happen to be black, (and you can’t just ignore that fact) who are not looking for a job because they are in school, decide to go crazy, for whatever reasons. Besides, the economy is improving.

    People have to take responsibility for their own actions and not look for excuses making it okay. It is not okay, and the causes are much deeper. This must be stopped and not allowed to continue. Otherwise chaos rules, not civilization. And the media has a responsibility to report incidents like this not brush it under the rug.

  35. This isn’t a flash mob, it’s wilding. That’s what they used to call it back in the 80’s. Closing down the mall doesn’t seem to be a viable response to this since all those jobs will be lost. Does this kind of thing happen in the Fulton Mall?

  36. You want someone to do something about it, these are teens, ahole teens with bad upbringings, their mamas probably dont even know where they are all day. They definitely dont know they are organizing a riot cause theyre bored. The police needs to question the organizer and his parents about why he organized this and for what reason. In Chicago they have black teens causing issues all the time but cause it’s in a black neighborhood no one saids anything about it. Because these teens are going to Kings Plaza where there is alot of non black people everyone is paying attention. Like I said, the police has an internet squad, the person up a few posts, posted the fb group meeting where the invites was sent. Nowhere in the invite did it state “lets get together and riot and cause issues for white people” its just a bunch of rowdy teens who have no morals and whos parents have not taught them whats right or wrong.

  37. Asian kids have parents and role models, these kids and yes im generalizing cause this is seen alot… have a mom who has to work and take care of three to four kids and a dad who is who knows where. And then this is what you get.

  38. you’re right cause if it happens in the fulton mall they’ll get smacked around by an elder swiftly, this is what i said theyre gonna do this where they think they can.

  39. Well living in the neighborhood being neither black or white I do know that it is a majority of black kids that are rioting the mall but most of them are not from the mill basin area they are from eastern parkway and further down like easy new York…mill basin and Georgetown is filled with white kids who are just as arrogant as the black kids but they are too busy getting high and selling each other their parents prescription medications….follow the media they didn’t walk to the plaza they took the busses….Bedford Stuyvesant….further down Utica and Flatbush…both races have their issues let’s not point fingers!

  40. They are still living in a household where their parents are having a hard time supporting them, and you cant look for a job if there are none available except ones that pay so little money and competing with older individuals who are also out of work. Unfortunately their frustration and anger build up. Jail sometimes is equal to the lives they are already living. If the economy was actually improving that much there would be no hesitation in raising the minimum wage

  41. Brownsville… these kids have videos of fights on facebook, it looks like they get excited over them… it’s bad. and very sad. Their parents should be notified. What the hell is this. They have nothing better to do but to get together and disturb any peace.

  42. You know the youfs’ households now? Welfare, AFDC, food stamps, even free ObongoPhones. Babydaddys and Babymamas have plenty of money for crack and bling.

  43. I Agree No Damn Black Kids Allowed I Don’t Mind Latino But Black No Way Life Use To Be Better When The Colored And The Whites Were Separated. If This Was A White Mall We Wouldn’t Have Trouble Like This.!!

  44. Quit making excuses. You are making several assumptions. One that they have two parents. Many or most live in one parent households or are living with relatives. Even if whoever they are living with is having a hard time supporting them, (can’t buy them all the video games they want?) that does not give them the right to cause mayhem.

    People have been poor throughout the ages and the only criminal activity they would engage in is to steal food for survival which could be justified. That is a far cry from what these kids are doing.which is caused by a poor upbringing, and not having the correct values instilled in them. Their teachers cannot replace non-existent parenting.

    Their anger and frustration is caused by their inability to become professional sports stars, rap singers, or just being famous or notorious. That is what they are aspiring to. They need to learn what success in life means, that you do not have to be famous, drive a fancy sports car, or have what the rich people have to be successful and happy. That raising a family and contributing to society, even if no one else knows what you are doing, is being successful. Their values are all screwed up. That is their problem. And because of that innocent people have to suffer.

    Immigrants throughout the ages have been poor and have pulled themselves up through their bootstraps. Many successful people today were once on welfare and they did not rob, steal, cause chaos or end up in jail. So quit making poor excuses for their totally unacceptable behavior.

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  46. LAWL this shames me to even be a 23 young educated white man, please take you white trash back home, no room for your ignorant problems :)… Sorry it shames me as an America to see the ignorance in adults but I guess some people well never grow up and accept what changes are?

  47. you say, “How often do you see white teens doing the same thing? Not often although it does happen sometimes”

    so, by your reasoning, the white teens who “do things like this” make you look bad.

    re: “We all know who the bad apples are. If you’re law abiding citizen .. good for you.”

    not if you’re supporting banning angela’s law-abiding kids because they are 1/2 latino because this ban would lump them in with a bunch of bad apples.

  48. I promised I wouldn’t shop there anymore after my last experience. This had to be in like 2009. It’s such a ghetto mall anyway. When I say ghetto, I mean the quality of stores. The vendors. The poor customer service. The inaccessible mall transport (broken escalators). As for the “flash mob”, I don’t care what color the people are. The shopping experience is less than stellar. That’s what educated shoppers look to achieve. A good shopping experience. However, as with any element, there needs to be some understanding about who exactly is doing what. Thankfully I’ve never been an avid KP shopper. Flash mob? More like teens needing a place to congregate. How about the closed community centers where kids are supposed to go and practice “flash mob” dances. Not at a mall or any other public place. This isn’t happening for any other reason besides the teens not having anywhere Else to socialize. Again, it wouldn’t matter what race they are. When things are phased out of schools and communities these are the things that happen. You wanna did deeper? Who controls what happens in schools and communities? Mayor? Schools Chancellor? Local law makers? Why not provide a platform in all areas/Communities for kids to be constructive. It’s not gonna happen at a mall. Hence why this is happening. Oh my gosh. The comments section on this article! People ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  49. Your agreeing with me when you say single parent households..The poor people you refer to had a cohesive family unit. People learn from those around them. Why do you expect them to behave with manners if they are never taught them.

    “That is a far cry from what these kids are doing.which is caused by a
    poor upbringing, and not having the correct values instilled in them.
    Their teachers cannot replace non-existent parenting.” It is because of food stamps they don’t steal food which for some reason you believe would be justified. Extrapolate and you can say their behavior is justified

  50. NOTHING about being an ignorant racist is hilarious. its disgusting! main reason i left that neighborhood people like u. sounds like someone that never left brooklyn sad sad sad

  51. people that leech off of society? omg marine park racist. sounds like the people i used to deal with in high school sad yet another that is a product of their environment. smh how does it feel to live in fear and ignorance? what have you done to better our society?

  52. Did you see the cookie shop? They barely use gloves and they laugh and spew over those cookies. I mean they smell “nice” but I would never buy them. These kids must be in high school, and I am sure they don’t wash their hands after they scratch themselves or their friend.

  53. Holy mother of losers these comments are beyond devastating! i have never seen so many racist unintelligent people and comments in my life. you are all a disgrace to the human race never mind the white race. As a white women who grew up in Mill basin my heart hurts for you all. So much hate I’m embarrassed to be from this area!!!! YOUR PARENTS failed miserably! you should ALL be ashamed your ignorance is overwhelming. this is the reason i left. funniest part is the whites in brooklyn are looked at as trash by other whites LMFAO so here they r talking about other races negatively when they are bridge and tunnel lolololol enjoy your bubble losers you’ll never help our society u make it worse!

  54. Trying put white males in the same vacinity as the violence that blacks commit is just not being honest.

  55. You never said single parent households. I did. You said “their parents”. That implies two. Who said I am expecting them to behave with manners they were never taught. I was implying the exact opposite, that they were never taught.

    Well if food stamps prevents them from stealing food, yea for food stamps. But what is your point? I don’t see how I am agreeing with you on anything. Their behavior is totally unjustified. I don’t know what extrapolation you are referring to. Because I said it was justified to steal food for survival? What does that have to do with their behavior. I know about stealing food for survival because my father had to steal potatoes in Russia just before the Russian Revolution because he had nothing to eat and would have died if he didn’t. Some who were caught we’re severely beaten and died as a result. How can you even compare that type of poverty with poverty today which in many cases means not being able to afford your $200 pair of sneakers or the latest video game?

  56. bridge and tunnel? you sound like a 50 year old wannabe hipster who moved to Chelsea and now thinks you are “city chic”. Last I checked Brooklyn is one of the priciest places to live in the country, so a lot of people must be shelling out cash to live with “trash”. I’m sure all the people who live in million dollar houses on the water in Mill Basin and Bergen Beach are quite happy with their bubble, as opposed to a shitty studio for 2500 a month in a trendy neighborhood in the city to cover up your true “bridge and tunnel” roots

  57. so they don’t have cohesive family units and that is who’s fault exactly? The system? The schools? The government? White people? No. It is the parents fault. Nobody forced you to have a kid(s) you cant afford with several different partners. You are making excuses for poor behavior. And today there is NO reason for people to have kids they cannot afford, considering how many birth control and adoption choices are easily available.

  58. You’re playing semantics with parents, parent..some have one some have two some living with grandparents that ave taken over their own kids responsibilities

    Full Definition of EXTRAPOLATE
    transitive verb
    : to infer (values of a variable in an unobserved interval) from values within an already observed interval
    a :
    to project, extend, or expand (known data or experience) into an area
    not known or experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural
    knowledge of the unknown area
    b : to predict by projecting past experience or known data
    I was mostly using definition b:
    Many don’t own expensive sneakers or the latest video game

    And it sounds as if you would want those caught to be severely beaten for their actions

  59. right, lets punish others for the crimes of a certain particular group of people. Stop being such a commie.

  60. Tthis is the only mall in the south Brooklyn area, So closing it would be bad for the community. Nobody wants to trek all the way out to Staten Island and Queens just to go to the mall. Once in a while I go to the Staten Island mall or the Rego Park mall in queens but KIngs Plaza is so convenient and I would hate to see it close

  61. Sbarro is actually a Brooklyn company that started out as an Italian deli on 18th avenue by Italian immigrants. The Kings Plaza restaurant is actually the 1st ever location of Sbarro after the company began to make pizza. So while Sbarro’s is not the best pizza, it is defiantly much better than the crappy pizza chains that try to market horrible pizza (ex. dominos, pizza hut, papa johns). When I shop in Kings Plaza I do tend to always grab a bite at Sbarro as they did not stray from their original Brooklyn roots.

  62. It is the only shopping mall in Southern Brooklyn. We need a place to shop and nobody is going to want to make a trek out to Staten Island and Queens every time they want to go to the mall. Shutting it down would not be the answer.

  63. Okay maybe you like to drive 40 minutes and sit in traffic but giving up on the mall is not the answer. These people take over because everyone from the neighborhood just packs up and goes somewhere else instead of doing something about it. If you really cared about the mall and the neighborhood you are from, you would still go to Kings Plaza and show that you are not intimated by these wanna be thug teenagers

  64. If you left why even comment on this site. Go comment on the site of the city you live in now. Don’t worry about the neighborhood you abandoned. We’ll all be just fine

  65. I have brought cookies from there for years and never got sick from them. So you are just making assumptions that you have no evidence to back up. Don’t try to knock a staple business that has been in the mall almost since the beginning

  66. I Agree No Damn Black Kids Allowed I Don’t Mind Latino But Black No Way Life Use To Be Better When The Colored And The Whites Were Separated. If This Was A White Mall We Wouldn’t Have Trouble Like This.!!

  67. Regardless of where it started, it’s gross as hell. I quit after I was reprimanded for throwing out some food that had a frozen fly in it instead of serving it to a guy and his son. Maybe it’s just that specific store, but that place is disgusting.

  68. I know what extrapolate means. That wasn’t my question. I was asking how you could take my statements and extrapolate from that that I said their behavior was justified when I said the exact opposite. You are the one playing with semantics because it doesn’t matter if it a one person parent, or grandparents or aunts and uncles. Whoever it is, they are not doing the job properly. I only mentioned single parent households because it is more difficult for a single parent to instill proper values especially with the absence of a father figure. But none of that excuses the kids behavior which you are blaming on society pretending they are just innocent victims. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and quit blaming everyone else.

  69. Maybe it was that particular incident that has you grossed out but after many years of eating there I can say I never had a problem with the food and cleanliness of the restaurant

  70. yes cause that’s just what south Brooklyn needs. Lets knock down the only mall in South Brooklyn and build over priced condos that the average person cant afford

  71. “I only mentioned single parent households because it is more difficult
    for a single parent to instill proper values especially with the absence
    of a father figure.”TV programs that espouse unrealistic situations and ideas.These children albeit teens and early twenties are unfortunate casualties of a society that doesn’t realize we are all in this together,here and across the globe. Cultures that treat women as second class citizens, religions that think its our way or the highway

  72. I’m sorry Joe, I didn’t realize you were an authority on the commenting of articles. For your information I still live in this city, just in a much better neighborhood. Go check the statistics Joe and prove me wrong on how Old Mill Basin, Mill Basin, and Bergen Beach have been declining for years, and crime is going way, way up. I also didn’t realize that moving out of one neighborhood to another is abandonment. Kings Plaza was once a great mall, not anymore. BTW, my dad grew up and went to school with the owner of the Cookie House, who I’m also a friend with. Great establishment stuck in a cesspool environment.

  73. I apologize for being so harsh I just love the neighborhood that raised me and I just hate to see it go this route. However the primary reason that The neighborhood is in decline is because many people move and just give up on the neighborhood they grew up in instead of sticking around and helping preserve its sense of community and tradition. I would just hate to see this neighborhood go the same route as Canarsie. I dislike the type of people who just see a little bit of trouble in a neighborhood and just pack up and leave instead of joining together to fight the problem. Then these people who move to the suburbs have the nerve to come and bash the places they grew up in and just abandoned when things got a little hard. Mill Basin, Marine Park and Bergen Beach are still great neighborhoods with many families and young children. Just because of a couple of incidents at the mall does not mean this neighborhood of Brooklyn is not still great.

  74. How are the stores “Ghetto”? There is a Panera Bread there and a chipotle opening up there very soon which are Two of the most yuppie fast food establishments in the city. Not to mention they have Best Buy, Macys, Sears, Radio Shack, Modells, Pandora, Zales, Pink, Sbarro and countless other stores that I don’t think would be classified as “ghetto”

  75. Kings Plaza has been ruined by these riots and now has a bad name for itself. It might as well shut down and build something different. Kids don’t know how to keep anything good these days, it seems.

  76. lmao how was it ruined?? I was there today and it was business as usual, everything was fine. This “riot” that occurred yesterday is being ridiculously over hyped. Look at the things happening in the Ukraine right now, that is a riot. This was just a bunch of high school kids acting out

  77. I had a feeling you were an “old soul” Joe. I too have many fond memories of that neighborhood. I grew up across from P.S. 203 and attended that very same school. Played ball in the 203 playground. Watched the older kids play softball there on Sunday while my dad bought soda from Thrifty for me to sell as a kid. Purchased our very first pool at Reds. I was thrilled along with my other siblings. Walked to the Mall many times to buy records. Haircuts with my dad on E53 st, always visiting my grandmother on E53rd who lived where my dad grew up along with 9 other siblings and 2 cousins. Attending church at Mary Queen of Heaven. Playing family softball in Marine park on Sundays. I can go on and on. My dad to this day always reminisces about the “old neighborhood” and we always try to drive through every now and then and talk about the old times. I’m very sad that things have changed for the worse. I was at Kings Plaza not to long ago and it’s just not the same.

  78. What does unrealistic TV programs or how other cultures treat women have anything to do with this? You are just grasping at straws. Anything to blame something or someone else, or society. Anything but taking responsibilities for ones own actions.

  79. All of those stores are ghetto. Macey’s will merchandise the stuff to the black population but it will run at a loss and be a tax write-off for the corporation and the other successful stores. Panera & Chipotle? Your joking….

  80. Better yet, just tear down that useless sleazy mall. Kings Plaza is irrelevant for today’s times!!!

  81. yea and they also have epic, jimmy jazz, hyp, clique, karma, 2cute, s&d underground, about 8 other different sneaker stores, but oddly they haven’t had a single bookstore in years (well before kindle and nook starting putting bookstores out of business, go figure) so yes those are ghetto stores

  82. well yes I agree with you on that. but either way enough is enough with blaming socio-economic factors. there are various programs in place designed to help disadvantaged youth in the city. blaming racism and socio-economic factors was a valid excuse in the 60’s and 70’s but now its just a scapegoat. bad behavior is bad behavior and more often than not it starts or stops at home

  83. Looks like you have a vested interest in this staple business. I am not knocking anything, I’m just saying that 15 people standing on top of each other selling this stuff is just gross.

  84. Joe, I’m retired and don’t mind the drive out to Garden City. I used to frequent the mall before I retired. However I now walk with a cane and no longer feel safe in Kings Plaza. Can I be accosted in Roosevelt Field or any other mall, let’s say in Staten Island or New Jersey? Sure, but why should I increase the probability of that happening by shopping in King’s Plaza?

    If business drops off because people don’t feel safe shopping there any longer, then the merchants should use that as a reason to get the security tightened up in the mall.

    Money talks louder than anything else, especially these days.

  85. it was BLACK teens admit’s a demographic problem..does that mean EVERY black teen? No! EVERY black person? No! but it IS a problem in THAT demographic.

  86. jimm I feel marine park, mill basin and Bergen beach are still nice neighborhoods so they will continue to stay pricey, esp by the water. but old mill basin has declined unfortunately, and almost everyone that lives or used to live there will tell you a major reason for the decline is kings plaza

  87. Seems for the most part, the only action most were doing was running around a mall. Not stealing, Not robbing, Not fighting

  88. No doubt, everything has to be put into perspective. This is nothing compared to other of the world’s crazy crap.

    However, as someone born in Brooklyn and lived there until recently – not far from KP mind you – I’m really disappointed about what happened with that mall. I remember when I was in junior high and the mall started the first renovations, but after they were pretty much done, things started changing. Both bookstores gone, years before places like Borders were going broke. More lingerie stores and tween clothing stores. Illegal dollar vans started popping up. Staff started changing too – I used to go game shopping a lot at EB and Software Etc, before they all became GameStop. Around the early 2000s, I remember the staff becoming awful (at the downstairs EB in particular) and giving me attitude. Macy’s was also a bit cluttered last time I went. When Best Buy opened, I checked it out twice, and it’s easily the worst Best Buy in the borough. I hated going to KP after a point, and only went when I absolutely needed something.

    The first riot after this Christmas was the nail in the coffin. Never going back. I can’t believe a second one happened. Not only that, these stupid kids ruin things for other kids who are good – remember the (brief) teen banning?

    Now I live in Queens, and I tend to go to stuff in Long Island, since it’s usually not that far. Brooklyn is my hometown, and I love it, but no way in hell would I ever set foot in KP again. I’d rather just go to Sam Ash across the street if I wanna shop.

  89. It is disgraceful that how that mall has changed. I remember a few years ago I went to go purchase a toy police car for my nephew at Kay bee toys. When I asked the manager who was very our spoken if he had any police cars or play sets. He gave me such a look, and stated look around you do you think the community that shops here wants to buy any thing with police on it for their kids please. It was such a disgrace that a once beautiful mall has gone to shambles. The kids were running ramped like a bunch of wild animals. I guess our community leaders like Jumanje Williams, and the leader of the 100 retarded men in law our beloved Eric Adams has not said one word or they must condone this kind of behavior. These young misguided youth are going to have a rude awakening when the get caught in queens or Staten island, or the surrounding counties that the politicians, and councilmen wont be able to intervene, and the jury pools wont be comprised to their best interest like they are in Crooklyn.

  90. lol youre honestly referring to jimmy jazz and epic as boutiques? stores that sell “stop snitching” shirts? cmon man lets just be honest here those stores sell ghetto-esque hip hop fashion bc that’s what kings plaza’s clientele demands

  91. but don’t stereotype blacks? stand your ground against them and stop and frisk them it is the only way to control them they are less than any animal the way they act. what a dumb race of morons. go back.

  92. Why a mandatory curfew for those under eighteen when no white Asian, Arab, or white kids under eighteen were reported to have participated in these mob melees? If you’re going to discriminate, why discriminate against those teens who had absolutely noting to do with these disturbances? Why not just limit it to those actually creating the disturbances?

    I’m aware of the legal restrictions on such an approach, but in a common sense approach (since you brought up the curfew) that would be the most effective approach with the least restrictive means.

  93. “no white Asian, Arab, or white kids under eighteen were reported to have participated in these mob melees”

    No outlet has reported the race of ANY of the teens involved, actually. And some of the conclusions that many of our commentators have drawn have been downright repulsive, not to mention factually incorrect. And that’s not even touching on the ones that I deleted.

  94. It’s factually incorrect that no media outlets have mentioned the race of the teens involved. Several outlets have. Further, there was video of the original melee at King’s Plaza from several weeks ago. I watched that video. All, not most, but all of the teens seen on that video fighting and causing disturbances were black. Perhaps there may have been teens from other races that took part in the melee, but they were not visible in the portions of the video made public.

  95. I agree….some of the parents that have time for their kids do not make them first priority and I have witnessed personally where the parents, mentally, are children themselves

  96. That’s rights it was “teens”. No one mentions it was BLACK teens. The media covers up black crime and everyone knows it except white liberals who are living in some alternative universe.

  97. When the media does NOT mention the race of the gangs, it’s because they are black. When non blacks commit crimes, their race is mentioned. You are an idiot

  98. Ned is one of those problems the USA has been dealing with for a long, long time. He believes his logic will always win the day with blowing out useless shame.

  99. Sorry but “Certain” groups are a lot more prone to this. The mother doesn’t have to be working at all, she is probably laid up on welfare and having more keeeds. It’s a different reproductive strategy, one of flooding the field with low investment offspring, in hopes of enough growing up and your bloodline is assured. Move this thinking and behavior to a western welfare society and mayhem ensues.
    A starling brought from Europe will build the exact same kind of nest here in the Americas as it would have back home in Europe. People are no different.

  100. So causing mayhem causing businesses to shut their gates and lose money, and scaring off shoppers who will never shop there again causing greater economic loss, is perfectly okay in your book. People don’t want that type of shopping experience where they feel their life might be in danger.

    That’s no better than saying, at least no one was killed to excuse a robbery. Why are you continuing to make excuses? Nevermind, don’t answer that.

    I give the neighbors credit for being the first ones to decry the first incident. They were black, and didn’t make excuses for what other members of their own race were doing.

  101. I find it funny, “my clientele demands ghetto fashion!”

    Let’s be fair, though Macy’s and Sears are more high profile stores, the KP branches aren’t that good. The Macy’s is cluttered, and the Sears is not so nice either. Chipotle isn’t that yuppie – it’s everywhere now. Panera is still sorta yuppie, and I find it bewildering that they opened one up in KP.

    Let’s also be fair – yuppie crap can get as annoying as ghetto crap. Plenty of eateries that yuppies rave about suck, especially when they are fake-ethnic. My fiancee and I tried a “tapas” place on Valentines day that was pretty much just mangled American food with a slight hispanic ting, all covered in mayo. Tapas my half-puerto rican, half-italian ass.

  102. Zales is shit jewlery… What are you talking about? Real jewelry isn’t located in a mall. It’s in a place called the Diamond district in Manhattan

  103. and obviously teens working at the mall wouldn’t be involved as they’re hardworking kids looking to make some money, unlike their unruly peers

  104. well it should be imposed until crime goes somewhere else… Then you lax up a bit and see how things go. Case in point, see Greensboro, N.C. and their downtown district

  105. nowhere did you mention that teenagers employed at kings plaza as an exception when you said, “have a mandatory curfew in effect after 8pm for those under 18”.

  106. re: ” as opposed to a shitty studio for 2500 a month in a trendy neighborhood in the city to cover up your true “bridge and tunnel” roots”

    the people who are shelling $2500 in those trendy neighbrohoods are likely not “bridge and tunnel people”; they are likely from outside this metropolitan region.

  107. bookstores are on the decline throughout the city. borders of course went out of business. barnes and noble have closed several locations (including stand-alone stores) over the past few years. it’s not just a “mall” thing.

  108. i will say this about the sears location at kings plaza. it’s the only brooklyn location that carries any land’s end merchandise. if one wanted to do a land’s end return without having to mail stuff back, one can do that at kings plaza.

    at least one can shop within sears and panera without having to venture out into the rest of the mall, if that were to bother you.

  109. re: “I’m aware of the legal restrictions on such an approach, but in a common sense approach (since you brought up the curfew) that would be the most effective approach with the least restrictive means.”

    do you mean banning those involved in the melee from the mall indefinitely? that would make sense. anything else would sound like BS.

  110. You have to ask? Obviously you fit in with the ” downright repulsive, not to mention factually incorrect” crowd. How proud you must be.

  111. It ‘s amazing how quickly these posts go off topic. What the hell is the difference what color these people were? They are creating a major disturbance by interfering with the businesses there, and posing a danger to themselves and the public. I think most of us can remember the day when a policemen baton across the back of the leg would deter us from attempting another episode. It’s hard for me to fathom that there is not one law on the books that would prevent further incidents.

  112. Are you kidding me? When the media says “teens” we know who they mean. Prior wilding/flash mobs have all been by black “teens”. Are you some kind if reality denier? A white liberal?

  113. your right its better to have stores that sell shirts saying
    Abercrombie & Fitch At least “stop snitchin” says something instead look what I can afford

  114. my land’s end coat has kept me plenty warm and dry during all the snow this winter, thank you very much.

    by the way, land’s end sells more than stuff that you wear.

  115. you obviously are missing angela’s point: “Just because a few minorities were completely out of line does not give anyone the right to belittle others.” she’s not justifying the actions of the trouble makers. just criticize the actions of the troublemakers instead of insulting everyone who is part of a minority because of some bad apples. what is so difficult to understand about that?

  116. you ask that to yourself. she’s talking about how WHITE man killed kids in sandyhook, the WHITE man who shot up a movie theatre, the WHITE man who shot up at the malls. NONE of the situations she is talking about happened in NY. she obviously isn’t pointing out just the troublemakers, because there is more than black and white people in this world. why is this so hard for u to understand?

  117. Are you seriously going to fucking sit here and support/justify a group of rioters? this is America, New York one of the most modern upscale cities in the the world.. not syria or egypt.

  118. Let’s get back on track. Angela was originally responding to
    this comment: “Easy way to fix this. How about NO BLACK OR LATINO KIDS ALLOWED.
    We all know who the trouble making thugs are!! Effing savages!”

    And then you said, “yea look at all the
    white people who did shit outside of new york.. but inside kings plaza we dont
    want ghetto trash…”

    Are agreeing with the statement “How about
    NO BLACK OR LATINO KIDS ALLOWED. We all know who the trouble making thugs are!!”?
    you didn’t * disagree* with that.

  119. what does that have to do with my comment above?

    are you a white conservative? is that even germane to this conversation?

  120. Really was just saying fashion is a matter of taste, like wine..if you like it its good wine no matter what the cost, no matter what the “experts” think


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