Two Neighbors Report Stolen iPhones, Plus Signs for Lost Phone

Two Neighbors Report Stolen iPhones, Plus Signs for Lost Phone
Lost Phone Sign

Two neighbors have reported stolen iPhones recently.

The first was taken on from a car on Ocean Avenue between Ditmas and Newkirk Avenues.

I had my iPhone stolen out of my car which was parked in my driveway. On Christmas Night. I’ve been following it via Find My iPhone app and can see my phone roaming the neighborhood. I’m just not sure how to get it back. Police know. But Find My iPhone doesn’t tell you exactly which person is carrying the phone and police can’t search people or go into homes so it’s like we are all stuck.

The second was taken on a train on New Year’s Eve.

I was riding the Q Train into work on New Years eve morning, it was more quiet than usual because many had the day off work. I was sat in the last car next to the door and had my earphones in playing a game on my iPhone. Of course just as the train was about to leave the station (Parkside Avenue) some hand came in and stripped my iPhone straight out of my hands. I automatically barreled straight out the door after him but he jumped down onto the tracks behind the train.

The thief had already shut down the phone this time and rendered it untrackable.

Additionally, signs are posted along Marlborough Road (pictured above) for a Samsung S3, which a neighbor lost somewhere on that street on New Year’s Day. They’re offering a $100 reward, with no questions asked. Call or text 917-825-7907.

Cops from the 70th Precinct to the top of the NYPD have long been warning that thefts of iPhones and other mobile devices have driven crime up significantly all year.

If you have any information about these robberies, please contact the 70th Precinct at 718-851-5511.