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Two Dead In Car Accident Outside Of Kings Plaza, Sparking Citywide Crackdown On Speeding

The moment of impact was captured by surveillance video. (via Daily News)
The moment of impact was captured by surveillance video. (via Daily News)

Two people were killed in a devastating car accident outside of Kings Plaza Shopping Center on Monday, in which the deceased’s car was ripped nearly in half. The accident has spurred police to launch a 48-hour crackdown on speeding throughout the city.

Police issued the following information yesterday:

On May 19, 2014 at approximately 1840 hours [6:40 p.m.] police responded to a 911 call of a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Avenue U in the confines of the 63 Pct. Upon arrival police determined that vehicle #1 a Nissan Maxima traveling southbound on Flatbush Avenue struck vehicle #2 a BMW which was turning onto Avenue U from northbound Flatbush Avenue. The driver of vehicle #1 a male 20 was taken to Coney Island Hospital where he was pronounced DOA. The passenger of vehicle #1 an unidentified female was pronounced DOA at the scene. The driver and passenger of vehicle #2 were taken to Kings County Hospital with minor injuries. Investigation is ongoing.

DNAinfo reports that the two killed were Philbert Martin Williams, 20, and his passenger, 18-year-old Christina Wipper.

Police believe Williams had been speeding when he hit the BMW, although no criminality is suspected and no summonses have been issued.

Security video from the 7-Eleven at that intersection captured the accident, which shows the Nissan darting down the street as the BMW made a turn. Police told the Daily News the BMW’s driver had a left-turn arrow.

After the crash, the Nissan barreled further down Flatbush Avenue, slamming into a telephone pole and tearing nearly in half.

Wipper was reportedly decapitated in the accident, leaving witnesses and emergency responders aghast at the site.

“We saw them cutting the passenger out of the car,” he said, noting he was stunned by the firefighters’ reaction when they finally were able to remove what was left of the vehicle’s roof.

“They looked like they were in shock, like they had seen a ghost,” he said. “I can’t imagine what they saw.”

The owner of a local food store who showed the Daily News a copy of the video before it was posted online said he went to the crash scene and was physically overcome. “I got sick going out there,” he said, refusing to provide his name. “I couldn’t look,” he added. “I can barely watch the video.”

Police issued a press release late last night announcing a crackdown on speeding citywide. As of this morning, the investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

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  1. I drove past the scene yesterday a few minutes after the emergency responders arrived and the area blocked off, had to take Ave V to get off Flatbush ave.

    Had no clue something this bad happened. Wow.

  2. It’s a shame that running lights and speeding has become such a normal thing in our area. Hopefully this tragedy will get people to think twice when pressing the gas approaching a red light. Very happy to hear the victims are okay. Real shame the passenger in the Nissan had to pass as well. For all we know they were telling the driver to slow down.

  3. It has become defacto permissible to go through a light a couple of seconds after it turns red. Speeding is okay. We have an”expert” writer on this blog telling us speeding is okay, since drivers are so “responsible”. I wonder how many deaths it will take. I had a good day today walking the streets. I just missed getting hit by only two cars today. The average is about five.

  4. From the description of the accident, the car that was hit had less damage then the car that rammed into it. Strange.

  5. And the following morning, in Queens:

    I was honked at today, while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk with the light in my favor, by a driver who ran a red light and (I guess) was in a big hurry to get to the red light at the next intersection. I could have easily crossed against the light, but it was an unfamiliar intersection and I thought I’d be safer to wait. Guess I was wrong.

    Let’s all proclaim that safety is very very important while simultaneously protesting any and all efforts to possibly improve safety.

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  7. No one is protesting “any and all efforts to possibly improve safety.” We just don’t agree that lowering the speed limit or installing cameras everywhere will accomplish that purpose. I suppose this accident would have been prevented if only the speed limit on Flatbush Avenue were lowered to 25 mph. Dream on.

  8. I drive by there everyday to and from work. So sad that such young people had to die. I saw the scene, but didn’t realize how bad. Ths is a very bad and dangerous intersection. There should be measures to make it safer (though speeding is speeding). There should be an over bridge cross-walk built for pedestrians.
    On my own personal note, I was driving by with my son last weekend, and the Traffic Lights were completely out! It was chaos and no-one at the scene. I called the 63rd precinct, and told him to dispatch some cars there to assist with traffic before someone gets hurt. All the officer could do was ask me for my name and number a dozen times, like I was the one who broke the traffic light. I told him, you don’t need my name, I’m a concerned citizen trying to help, and instead of wasting time interrogating me, get some cars there ASAP!!. Finally, he said he would dispatch some. This kind of stinky attitude is the reason why fewer people step up!

  9. I’ve called 311 for traffic lights before, and they always transfer me to 911. Then a car is there within minutes, sometimes from the precinct, sometimes from Highway. I suggest calling 911 for down traffic lights in the future. You get a better response.

  10. Matthew, does not seem strange. Cars and street lamp poles are engineered to crumple upon impact but trees and telephone are not and are rigid. The damage to the fatal car was mainly caused by crashing into the pole not the turning car.

  11. If Arthur Borko the car service guy gets held up, we put cameras in the cars to make it safer for him. Also, we make it an illegal act to rob, maim or injur Arthur. Therefore, speeding injurs people as well and should be a crime punisable by vehicular manslauter or vehicularassault. Speeding that does not result in property or bodily injury should be given class B misdeameanor status after a seconf offense. The first offense should go down as a violation of law. The car service industry is illegal, because it is nothing more than a sweatshop. The drivers work up to 80 or 90 hours a week. One cannot make a claim that they work for less than minimum because they are tipped workers. Those who are owner operators are smallbusiness owners. Those who work for their mobster bosses like Arthur, can have their bosses charged with running a sweatshop as well.

  12. Arthur do you ever get held up by young black men. Your type ob business establishment is nothing more than a sweatshop. You make comments, like it is okay for female teachers to have sex with young adolescent males. I am surprised that you were not nabbed for a similar offense, like going after young girls when driving them in your cab. You are a sicko. Your woman who supports you is a pervert as well and wants to see her man maimed and working for slave labor.

  13. What the hell does have to do with Car Service or with me? I own a car service? Holy shit that’s news to me!

  14. I think that’s the same guy who keeps ranting about Russian wives and property values.

  15. Arthur, you are a lowlife, sweatshop owning, two bit crook. I am sick and tired of people like you in South Brooklyn. The 61st precinct has the most crimes each week, because of the likes of you.

  16. I wonder what other neighborhood has over 40 major crimes each week and has one of the lowest Foreclosure rates in NYC. The new Mayor must like social deviance more than the previous one had. Moreover, it is scum like you and Arthur, who speed at all times of day and night in the neighborhood, drunk or high on drugs. You think people do not notice the smell of pot when they enter the scum filled Sheepsheadbay. People are starting to notice, that is why Arab run establishments are being highlighted in Sheepsheadbay. Your job Kriston is to turn them into conservative uncle tom’s, making them socialy incamapatable with the overall city lifestyle. That is what is wron with Sheepshead bay, the fake so called conservatives, who are the villest of people in NYC.

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  18. No one is protesting “any and all efforts to possibly improve safety.”

    Dream on. Every time there’s any mention of any sort of enforcement, there’s a flurry of comments whining about how unfair it is. You often participate.

    We just don’t agree that lowering the speed limit or installing cameras everywhere will accomplish that purpose. I suppose this accident would have been prevented if only the speed limit on Flatbush Avenue were lowered to 25 mph. Dream on.

    This wasn’t an accident – it was a crash that resulted from a negligent act.

    I somehow doubt that the driver was fully law-abiding until this past Monday. He probably started by speeding a little bit, then a little bit more, then a bit beyond that, etc. – without ever getting a ticket. Had there been serious enforcement of speed limits all along, he would have never gotten this far.

    The time for enforcement is before anyone gets hurt.

  19. I fully agree that speeders who are going faster than everyone else, which is what is really dangerous, need to be penalized. Still lowering the speed limit to 25 mph which is what you favor, woud not have prevented this crash.

  20. No, but the enforcement that NYPD isn’t willing to do, and that you don’t seem to want to happen, might very well have prevented it.

  21. I definitely do want NYPD to step up it’s enforcement and I have repeated that a number of times. If you just repeat Andrew’s lies I can request that you be banned also.

  22. I think this is just more evidence that you don’t realize how you come across. You pay lip service to the idea of enforcement, but when actual enforcement proposals are mooted, you come out against them. If you can’t see how that makes it look as if you’re opposed to enforcement, I don’t know how to help you.

    As for banning me, you and I are both posting as guests. The only way to ban me is to disable guest posting, which would mean you couldn’t post either.


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