Two-Alarm Fire Damages Two Buildings On 18th Street

333 18th Street Fire Ladder

A two-alarm fire broke out at about 4:40pm today on the first floor, spreading to the second floor, of the three-story building at 333 18th Street, just across the street from PS 295 between 6th and 7th Avenues, according to an FDNY spokesman. Firefighters on the scene tell us it also affected the building next door at 335 18th St.

The FDNY says that 25 units and 105 firefighters responded to the blaze, which thankfully resulted in no injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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Fire at 333 18th St

Fire at 333 18th St, photo by Kristen Wilke

Photo by Kristen Wilke.

Fire, 333 18th St, by Patrick Dunn

Photo of the back of the house, after the fire was out, by Patrick Dunn.

We will update this post if we learn more details. Our thoughts go out to our neighbors affected by the fire.

Fire at 333 18th St, via Chris Schneider

Photo by Chris Schneider.

FDNY respond to fire at 333 18th St

Firefighters at fire at 333 18th St

333 18th Street Firefighter

Photo by Jeff Bush.

Unidentified Res at 333 18th Street Fire

Photo by Jeff Bush.

333 18th Street Firefighter resting

Photo by Jeff Bush

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  1. Thank you for the coverage of this awful event. I lived with my amazing pup on the second floor and thankfully—thank you to Jason the Dog Walker and the incredible South Slope community—we are both okay. I was completely embraced by neighbors and friends, the FDNY and Red Cross, for their outpouring of support. Obviously, I am in a state of shock but am safe and grateful. Please keep the information coming in. We need as much information surrounding the cause of the fire and any photos, etc. as we can get. With such gratitude, Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah, I was walking my dog on 18th st around 11.30am on Friday and saw something very odd. I keep wondering if it had anything related to the fire. So I was googling to check for updates.

    Here is what I saw, a middle-aged man brought out a potted plant (the long narrow plastic ones that you usually put on window sills), one whole side of this plastic pot was melted and all of the dirt in it was smoldering (maybe because it had fertilizer in it?).

    I found this very odd (also my puppy was taking a long time sniffing around) so I stood there and watched what was going on, the guy placed this pot on the sidewalk and went back into the building, may be to get water? I am pretty sure it was this exact building where the fire started – the one with the white siding.
    I pay close attention to such things and I am very paranoid about fires, because my whole house burnt down about 3 years ago when we lived in PA. It was electrical and started at 2am, we ran out of to realize that part of the house was already missing its roof!

    I wonder if an ash from whatever that guy was trying to put out had anything to do with this fire? But would it take about four and half hours from an amber to full on house fire? May be not.

    The reason, I remember the time so accurately is because I was trying to walk the dog and bring him home in time to make it to a yoga class.

    It is sad to loose all your belongings, but I am glad that no one was hurt. Good luck! Let me know if you need anything. I can definitely spare some size 4-6 clothes and size 8 shoes, let me know if you need any.

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