Twist and Shout… and Get Sea Sick?


After you pack those kiddies off to school, you can hop aboard a private yacht sailing from Sheepshead Bay for a four-hour dance-to-the-Beatles-cruise on September 14. Mike Naimoli, the Ringo Starr of the Beatles cover band Yesterday and Today, has assured me that this will be a great trip sailing open-top (weather-permitting) under the sky with Verrazano diamonds (okay, okay, the energy-saving light-emitting diode bulbs). Mike was too humble to be called the manager of the band, but did say that he and the team are putting together a couple of great sets with plenty of time to take special requests from those of you who remember falling in love “before this dance is through.”  Can someone get all those lickin’ and suckin’ young kids these days to try to understand that there’s nothing else they would rather do than dance? Who needs to kiss and hold each other tight?  Aaah, love – Fab Four style.

This is a rare opportunity for us oldies-fans to get to hear their favorite Beatles songs. If you avoid going out for dinner now that you’re 64 and your loved one is still willing to feed you,  ask them to pack a basket of goodies, because – now, get this – you can bring your own food onto the boat! These guys are not saying “now give me money” with the low ticket cost of $40, but they are into spreading the Beatles message of peace of love – just in case the the boat doesn’t cruise onto the Hudson, they promise not to sail off with your money.

By the way, can someone please tell me which one of the Beatles songs one can dance to?  I’m sure it must be possible, just that I don’t remember it exactly that way.

September 14
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Emmons Ave. & East 21 St. Pier 10
$40 per person – group discounts available – Paypal accepted
For advance reservations, please call 917.882.7979 or 917.763.8140
Amberjack V website
Yesterday and Today’s website


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