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  1. Location is not surprising, as the Turks, have never been anti-semites, and in fact, during the Inquisition, many Jews amicably settled in Turkey, and a good number still happily reside there today. Only thing I question is the time of this event, as many of us will be at work, and it’s kind of sad, that they couldn’t find a Rabbi from southern Brooklyn, to lead this event, but rather this Park Slope CBE Rabbi! Pity that one of our local Syrian Rabbis couldn’t be magnaminous and step up, but then again, they are one unique, part of the tribe! Nonetheless, I would expect this gathering to go well, though I doubt many local folks will be there. It will be interesting to see if the wider media covers it?!

  2. Islamophobia really, they wonder why:

    – Blowing themselves-up and crashing planes to get virgins.
    – Cutting peoples heads off.
    – Stoning people to death.
    – They want to bring Jihad and Sharia Law to America.
    – Killing other people that are not from the muslim ideology; need proof, it’s in there “Quran 

    9:111” where they can kill anyone who is not from the muslim ideology (meaning Christians, 

    Jews, etc). In the Quran they are even allowed to lie to obtain this goal.

    Islam is not a religion, it’s an ideology. Other real religions don’t advocate lying and 

    killing of others because there not from that faith. I’m sure real americans don’t want Jihad 

    or Sharia Law implemented in US territory.

    The most humane solution is to start deporting them back to there muslim countries, where they 

    can enjoy there Sharia Law, that they love so much. 

    Check-out these videos, wake-up, you decide:

  3. “Other real religions don’t advocate lying and killing of others because there not from that faith”

    Um… really? Look again. The difference is separating the extremist followers from the ones who are level-headed.

  4. Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and a snappy graphics version, great for emailing…


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