Try Brew-to-Order Coffee at Qathra

Try Brew-to-Order Coffee at Qathra

If you’ve seen some strange contraptions sitting on the counter at Qathra and wondered what they are, neighbor Lawrence Marcus points out that the new guy at the shop, Tyson Stagg, is brewing up something interesting.

“He’s making brewed-to-order cups with Aeropress, a gadget that’s often used to make coffee in an espresso-like style, but which can apparently make very good drip-style coffee as well,” Lawrence said. “My wife and I chatted with him while he made our coffee today, and he had well-thought out justification for his choices regarding each variable in the process (as well as thoughts about future experimentation). The coffee was very, very good.”

Originally from Australia, Tyson spent time in Seattle, so his coffee experience very diverse. Stop by to watch him brew one of these, and you’ll definitely feel some of the passion he has for it.

“When you do it this way, you make sure it tastes great every time,” said Tyson, as he brewed me up a cup of the iced version. “I think it’s one of the better ways to have iced coffee.”

“Lots of coffee bars around the city are adding brew-to-order to their menus, but the coffee’s being brewed by people who don’t really know how to brew it,” said Lawrence. “Kudos to Qathra for focusing on quality.”

If you’re interested in trying it out, be sure to give yourself some time. The whole brewing process takes about five minutes–keep that in mind if there’s a long line behind you, too.