Truck vs. Overpass: Overpass Wins

Sheepshead Bites reader Paul (a.k.a PayPaul) came across this nasty scrape earlier today between a callous truck driver and an overpass at Avenue J and East 15th Street. That’s the B/Q station at Avenue J, and as you can see in the photo it has a 10 foot, 10 inch clearance. This truck was taller than that. We can only guess how fast he was going to get that wedged under. Here’s what Paul had to say, and a bunch more photos:

It started at 8am today, November 20th under the the Subway Station at Avenue J in Brooklyn. When I got there at about 1:50pm this afternoon the recover company, Ridge Towing, had managed to remove some of the cargo from the tractor trailer. Double R Transports driver had sped up the Avenue, as speculated by one of the bystanders at the scene. It seem that this driver either had no clue about his clearance or didn’t care like was suggested. Subway service was not interrupted. What a surprise. Someone got something right.

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