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Truant Teens Unwelcome In Midwood

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The Department of Education sparked outrage in Midwood, announcing plans to place a Truancy Processing Center by Avenue M on Ocean Avenue.

A report by Brooklyn Scoop describes the anger expressed by local residents and businesspeople who fear that the presence of a truancy center will only lead to trouble.

Under the current operating practices set out by the DOE, truancy centers pick up kids caught outside of school, and usually send them back to the school they belong them to. If the truant student is found too far from their home school, they are sent to a truancy center like the one proposed for Ocean Avenue. From there, parents are called and required to pick up the student by 2 p.m. If no one comes to pick up the child, they are released into the neighborhood, a reality local Midwood residents do not wish to contend with.

“This is a serious quality of life issue for residents in that part of Midwood … The current location is clearly unacceptable and unfair to the community,” Councilman David G. Greenfield told Yeshiva World.

Elected political officials from Southern Brooklyn did meet with representatives of the DOE to voice their concerns.

“I appreciate the Department of Education sitting with the elected officials and representatives of Shaare Torah to discuss the recently opened truancy center,” said Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein. “They listened to our concerns and I am hopeful that working together, we will be able to come to a resolution that will be good for the community and for the Department of Education.”

Another major concern residents have expressed is that the proposed spot for the truancy center is a mere two doors down from an all girl private Jewish school.

“Whoever is making this decision has no idea what he’s doing!” Yitzi Gruen told Brooklyn Daily. “The city’s asking for chaos by putting these kids in a safe area and next door to a girl’s school.”

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  1. don’t they know midwood is the second israel in the US? they have their own businesses, security force, EMT, etc. they don’t want to deal with anyone else.

  2. The youth “drug rehab” place on Coney Island Ave and Ave O which has been there for years brings in all kinds of shady people on the street in the heart of a quiet residential community. All the “youths” sit outside, curse, smoke and intimidate passersby.

  3. No way! How dare a community come together to provide for themselves without being a burden on taxpayers. Everyone knows this country is about mooching off the government and complaining about the lack of services you receive without actually contributing anything for them?

  4. Hmm, a quick search: “Jewish groups in New York are getting far more money through City Council than those affiliated with any other religion, even though Jews make up only about 22 percent of the city’s population.”

  5. Some tax dollars probably do make it to these community services, however for the most part they are run by volunteers and with community donations. Now imagine that Yeshivas and Jewish EMS would not exist and all the people who use these services would start relying on city services. I can assure you that the cost to taxpayers would be MUCH MUCH higher. For example, the average cost per student in a public school is $19,000, would you prefer that the Yeshivas empty their students into the public schools, costing the city tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars?

  6. There is Councilman Greenfield who gets action for all his areas. I kinda like him. Then there is Nelson who brown-noses. “Nuf said.

  7. How many years? I never noticed a problem. If it were an issue of mine I would speak to the people of authority inside the building. I am sure they don’t want the attention.

  8. A Private All Girls Yeshiva is nearby? Think of the children! All those vile truants will corrupt all those jewish girls! What are they thinking!

    Well, aside from the humor in that actually happening I’m really not interested in having MORE truants in the area. The crowd of Midwood animals that gathers by the train station and 7/11 is bad enough as it is now, add actual criminals to the mix…’re begging for a disaster.

    I’m sure there’s some empty space in Midwood (the highschool) where they can store these students from other schools. If parents don’t pick them up by 5pm escort them to the train station, if they don’t have a metrocard then some supervisor should pay for them to enter the train and ensure they get on the Q headed out of the area.

    If there are repeat offenders then fine the parents. Yes, FINE the parents. Your taxes are already going to their education, if you can’t control your own children to stay in school and force the city to expend resources wrangling them then you should be responsible for paying for that.

  9. No one wants a center like that in their neighborhood. How many truants are we talking about in a typical day?

  10. when i got caught cutting back in Madison the School Safety petty wagon took us to Ave W and East 7th (the church) on the side there was a entrance for the Truancy station, a huge room where truents would “hangout” while getting yelled at by the cops. after 2pm we were taken back to Madison with forms we had to give to our teachers stateing that we were cutting and got caught blah blah blah

    However i think they closed down that truancy station.

  11. They should keep the students UNTIL a parent comes to pick them up.This will discourage truancy for sure.Parent must have proper ID and student should also.If parent does not come truants should be brought to their neighbborhood police station and held there until parent or guardian picks them up! SIMPLE SOLUTION!!!

  12. >>>A Private All Girls Yeshiva is nearby? Think of the children! All those
    vile truants will corrupt all those jewish girls! What are they

    Totally see a new movie series "coming" to the dark corner of stores near you…

  13. How many of you reading this have committed acts of truancy?

    C’mon, I’m not seeing enough hands. Some of you don’t want to remember.

    Not getting caught doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

  14. Sam, what are you talking about! I’ve been in the neighborhood for 15 years, and its finally starting to improve. That place is a HUGE reason why!!


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