Tropical Storm Hanna Fells Branches Onto Belt Parkway

(Photo by Ray Johnson)

With afternoon traffic stopped on both sides for hours on Saturday, September 6, 2008, workers cleared the tree branches that had fallen onto the Belt Parkway. Tropical Storm Hanna didn’t whip up as much wind as was originally expected, but it was still strong enough to snap some overhanging branches at the Knapp Street exit on the Belt Parkway West.

Traffic was backed up on the west side of the Belt with all lanes blocked. There were significant rubbernecking delays on the east side of the Belt. Radio reports stated that traffic was blocked on both sides of the Belt. By 6:45 p.m. traffic on the Belt Parkway East was running smoothly on the Belt Parkway East. Some traffic was diverted at the Knapp Street exit onto jam-packed Shore Parkway and in front of the UA Theater, causing further delays for commuters.  Police were able to lead traffic safely back onto the highway with the left lane open at close to 7 p.m. No known incidents of injury were caused by the falling branches.