Trick Or Treating Is Adorably Underway

Halloween Trick Or Treating JJ Byrne

Happy Halloween! Trick or treaters are already out in full force, so whether you’re headed out with the kids or you’re handing out candy, have a great time! We saw some kids (and grown-ups) enjoying themselves on 5th Avenue this afternoon, so check out some pics, and if you take some yourself in the neighborhood that you’d like to share send them our way at

Halloween Trick Or Treating Brenton Realty

The agents at Breton Realty (322 5th Ave) normally won’t bleed you dry, but watch out today!

Halloween Trick Or Treating L'Albero dei Gelati

L’Albero dei Gelati (341 5th Ave) is serving up treats, gelato, and a special Halloween menu with a lot of pumpkin.

Halloween Trick Or Treating, Oyster Bar

A lobster, Miss Brooklyn Stephanie Accardo, and Oyster Bar Brooklyn owners Jonathan Young and Bruce Fox, and executive chef Justin Ernsberger handed out candy in front of their future restaurant and fish market at 254 5th Avenue.

Halloween Trick Or Treating, Big Apple Cleaner

Everyone has candy, even your local dry cleaner! Big Apple Cleaner (294 5th Ave) was happy to help a couple heroes out with some sweets.

Halloween Trick Or Treating, Fez Salon

Get a haircut with some flair today at Fez Salon (355 5th St).

Halloween Trick Or Treating Horse

But watch out for the giant horse in front of Joe’s Pizza (483 5th Ave)!

Halloween Trick Or Treating Candy at Postmark

And finally, a trick or treating pro-tip: Head off the main streets! Businesses just off the avenues (like Postmark Cafe, 326 6th Ave, whose full bowl of sweets is pictured here) are also handing out candy, and aren’t as overrun as some of the others.

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