Treyger Wins Decisive Victory Against Opponents To Replace Domenic Recchia

Source: Facebook
Treyger, with Colton (Source: Treyger campaign)

Mark Treyger, a community activist and aide to Assemblyman Bill Colton, scored a decisive victory against his opponents in the Democratic primary to replace term-limited Domenic Recchia as the City Council representative for the 47th District.

Treyger locked up 45.55 percent of the vote thanks to 3,058 people who cast their vote for the progressive activist, handily defeating rivals Todd Dobrin and John Lisyanskiy, who received 28.67 percent of the vote and 25.78 percent, respectively.

It was a tough race, influenced by hundreds of thousands of dollars from independent spenders, or PACs, including Jobs for New York, a real estate backed group that backed Treyger and spent thousands to drag Lisyanskiy’s name through the mud.

Just before primary day, another PAC, the Small Business Coalition, representing Sephardic Jewish business owners, distributed mailers to voters alleging that Lisyanskiy profited off of Superstorm Sandy, outraging the candidate.

And the outside funding – which, by law, could not be coordinated with Treyger’s campaign – appears to have paid off, knocking Lisyanskiy into third, behind Dobrin. Dobrin, backed by one of the unions who contributed to the Jobs for New York PAC, was not targeted by the PAC’s negative mailers.

Meanwhile, to the north, incumbent City Councilman David Greenfield also won victory over his primary opponent, Jacob Flusberg. Greenfield trounced his rival, securing 90.56 percent of the vote.