Treyger To Introduce Two Common Sense Bills To Facilitate Road Repairs

Treyger To Introduce Two Common Sense Bills To Facilitate Road Repairs

BENSONHURST – “We have all seen it time and again in our communities: the Department of Transportation resurfaces our streets, only for a utility company to rip up the street a couple of weeks later in order to perform work. The process is inefficient, and residents are left inconvenienced,” Council Member Treyger said ahead of introducing two bills in the City Council today aimed at improving communications between the various city agencies that rip up our streets with some frequency.

Freshly repaved road ripped up by a utility company.

One of the bills requires a 30-day notice in writing of any resurfacing to utilities that have pipes and other infrastructure in the street, allowing and encouraging them to coordinate so any required maintenance can be performed ahead of the resurfacing.

Curbs were replaced and sidewalks repaired as part of major street upgrades on Church Avenue last summer.

The other bill is aimed at requiring the city to also fix broken curbs when the street gets repaved. Ability to safely navigate city streets has become an even greater concern as southern Brooklyn residents get older, and was brought up at every Town Hall meeting Mayor held last year south of the park.

“Neglected and improperly maintained curbs are a dangerous safety hazard for our city’s residents. Broken curbs can lead to injury, especially in areas with large numbers of seniors or persons with disabilities,” Treyger notes, adding that when the DOT paves the streets, “they can and should use the opportunity to repair curbs that put the safety of New Yorkers at risk.”


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