Tree vs. Car: Round 2

One good thing about all the new condos in the area? They get rid of trees.

Wait, what? How can that possibly be good? Well, it appears Sheepshead Bay has an ongoing battle with trees falling on cars. This sucker (the branch, not the car owner) fell on top of a fancy-shmancy BMW on East 21st Street and Avenue Y. For the most part, it appears the car is undamaged. Except for the gaping hole left in the windshield.

I suppose the owner can always tell his friends it’s the latest accessory to

compensate for his

impress the ladies. “Look, gals! Who needs a spoiler? Ground effects are for pussies. I have the Air Circulator 4000GS. My hair will look like I drive a convertible with the top down, but I don’t!”

Here’s the rest of that sucker (again, the branch – not the car owner).