Tree Pit Guards On Cortelyou

Tree pit guard on Cortelyou

We’ve noticed a lot of mangled tree pit guards on Cortelyou recently, which Councilman Eugene mentioned were a problem for local business owners when we ran into him yesterday at the Co-op.

Many of the guards are twisted and even missing whole sides. In addition to, well, not protecting the trees, the guards’ sharp edges are rusty and dangerous for kids and pets.

Cortelyou tree pit guard

The recently-installed guards on Coney Island Avenue, though, are sturdier and rust-free. Their design is less ornamental and flimsy than that of the Cortelyou guards, making them less likely to be damaged by cars–and making us wonder whether similar replacement guards might be a good long-term investment a thoroughfare like Cortelyou.

Coney Island Ave tree pit guard