Trash On Bay Parkway Remains An All Too Common Sight

This overflowing trash can was taken near Seth Low Park on the Bay Parkway side. Photos by Eric Jankiewicz

The trash of  Bensonhurst has become something of an unwanted neighbor over the last few years. Last year the Department of Sanitation issued fewer  tickets to residents who illegally dump their home trash in the public bins than in previous years. Around that same time, Bensonhurst Bean reader Carmela sent us disgusting pictures of trash on Bay Parkway and 67th Street, near the N train. The Bean has taken another look at Bay Parkway’s trash problem and, not surprisingly, we’ve found the situation hasn’t improved.

Someone must’ve been thirsty with all those empty water jugs on the corner of 70th Street and Bay Parkway. At least they’re not piss jugs.


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