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Deadly Car Accident Haunts Sheepshead Family

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A Sheepshead Bay family is still mourning months after 27-year-old family member Yuliya Hermanska was tragically killed in a car accident, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Hermanska was killed on March 23 when she left her Sheepshead Bay apartment to go shopping. She was struck when a 66-year-old driver jumped the curb and hit her. The New York Daily News described the situation that led to Hermanska’s death.

Police say the driver, Mikhail Nulman, was issued a summons for blowing through the red light at Ocean and Voorhies Aves. He swerved to avoid a collision with a turning car but lost control and mounted the curb, driving nearly 70 feet on the sidewalk and striking Hermanska and two teenage girls, both of whom survived, according to police accounts.

The tragedy hit Hermanska’s family hard. She was a bright lawyer who spoke three different languages and was engaged to be married to fiance Vitaly Obodovsky.

“I keep on asking myself, ‘Why did you let her go to the store?'” Obodovsky told the Daily News.

Uliana Hermanska, Yuliya’s mother was also devastated and has been left wondering whether her daughter will ever see justice. The family’s lawyer, Edward Steinberg, told the Daily News vehicular fatalities involving ‘out-of-control’ drivers, who were not intoxicated or on drugs or alcohol, fail to inspire prosecutors to act quickly.

Steinberg claimed he called the Brooklyn district attorney’s office for details but hasn’t heard anything back. The DA’s office denies this charge and offered that the family should come in whenever they like to help the investigation along.

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  1. I’ll help the investigation….

    Mr 66 year old who’s reaction skills are Shot. Why don’t you and all your Brigade stop Driving!

  2. It seems to have been a sad accident. Have the family come to terms with it and stop looking for more blood. Move on.

  3. 66 years old is not too old to drive. This guy ran a red light, lost control of hus vehicle and killed a pedestrian. He was negligent abd should not be allowed to just walk away scott free.

  4. Whoa Art, we can only know the cause if there is an investigation; not only to assign blame, but to learn and prevent. Out of Control cars jump curbs and kill pedestrians about once or twice a month. But they happen in different boros so no one Distrt Atty is keeping track of them. And our Baroness of Bicycles, J. Sadik-Khan has little interest in making driving safer. Her cure is to ban the car and love the bicycle.

  5. Hey S.S. Seven million people, 100’s of 1000’s of cars, people will get hurt and killed. Investigate and learn from each and criminalize each accident and mistake? I don’t think so. It happens. Some accidents and some fatalities are the price we pay for convenience, speed and progress. Please don’t make Bloomberg’s people look into any more auto events; they might just close all streets to non-limo cars. Our limo mayor has seen fit to make 100’s of free on street parking disappear all over. Ugh.

  6. Remember when Giuliani said he would stop motorists from speeding …maybe this should be a political issue in this years mayoral race

  7. how about installing left turn light? this intersection is very busy with people trying to turn onto Voorhies from Ocean. I see near misses all the time. Crossing Ocean Ave is like walking minefield. Cops had placed “Slow Down” electric sign that died out weeks ago. Yeah, that will work!

  8. Thanks for posting a follow up about this tragedy. I was there when it all happened (though I cannot attest to the facts of the case as I was walking toward the corner on Voorhies and it was all so sudden). I have wondered about her fate pretty much every day since then, every time I approach that corner. Condolences to her family and friends. Truly an eye-opening event. Drivers and pedestrians both need to exercise more caution and common sense around that area. Too many senseless and preventable accidents (and close calls) in that very spot!


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