Traffic Issue Of The Week — Car Wash At Coney Island Avenue

Our neighborhood traffic issue of the week comes from a reader:

“All day and night (especially during rush hour) Hollywood Car Wash at Coney Island and Church Avenues blocks one of the two southbound lanes [on Coney Island Avenue]  with cars that are drying from their wash.”

The reader continues:

“Each night traffic stops in front of the…5 or 6 cars [at the car wash]  parked perpendicular to oncoming traffic, blocking the lane as commuters (and public buses) are forced to merge into the second lane.”

Just this afternoon, buses could be seen moving out of the way of drying cars that had exited Hollywood Car Wash — the cars sat half on the sidewalk and half in the inner lane of traffic.

The reader concludes:

“It’s really a travesty that this business is able to claim such a busy New York street for its own commercial use, causing traffic snarls, and the local police does nothing to remedy this illegal situation. Worse than that, you can see police cars occasionally be part of the problem, while their cars dry off in the middle of Coney Island Avenue after a wash….

I’ve called the 66th precinct a half dozen times and spoken to an officer several times who has repeatedly said he will send someone over there and promises to call me back. Neither has happened. I’ve also called the car wash several times trying to speak to the manager…who always seems to be out.

My simple question is ‘do the police allow you to take over the street in front of the car wash and obstruct a busy road?’ How is this even possible?”

The reader doesn’t mention this, but Hollywood Car Wash also dominates the sidewalk and inner lane of traffic in front of its entrance around the corner on Church Avenue.

We agree with the reader that the question indeed is how can a private business monopolize a section of sidewalk and a lane of traffic on two very busy streets.

We asked the office of local City Council Member Mathieu Eugene if they have been receiving complaints about this situation but have not yet heard back.

What do you think about how Hollywood Car Wash impacts the intersection of Coney Island and Church Avenues? Have you tried to raise the issue with the 66th precinct, Council Member Eugene’s office, or by calling 311?

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  1. so obnoxious, best ever is the amount of oily slick stuff all over the sidewalk when you walk past.

  2. That oily stuff covers a significant amount of asphalt right at the exit on CIA and another 100 feet or so in the direction of traffic. It caused me to fall on my bike one slightly humid morning a few months ago. Luckily, there were no cars immediately behind me. I’ve been riding for 30 years so don’t think this was pilot error.

  3. People are always complaining about the little things around here that have never been an issue. That place has been there for over 30 years and this neighborhood has never had a problem with it. Mr. Tires next door utilizes the sidewalk they share also. Complain about the REAL issues in the area. sheeesh.

  4. Ok first of all, it’s ALWAYS been an issue, we have just been complacent. I live across the street for 35 years and it’s been an issue since the day they moved in. And everyone I know around here thinks it’s a problem. Same with the motorcycle shop. Also, just because you lack the ability to critically think about more than one thing at a time, doesn’t mean the rest of society is as limited.

  5. Plus, the oily stuff clogs the sewer drains and partially contributes to the yearly flooding of the homes between Caton and Church, costing residents thousands of dollars each time.

  6. This issue has been raised a lot on the See Click Fix site in the CB14 forum too. CB14 tells us it’s within CB12’s jurisdiction, but from what I can tell, CB12 hasn’t done anything about it.

  7. Blocking lanes of traffic (illegal) blocking the sidewalk (illegal) and coating the both with soap/wax is extremely hazardous. Adding to lolol, the sewers are a mess over there, with this spot being a prime culprit. It’s like the gowanus canal where the sewer is.


  8. If you grease the right cop’s and/or politican’s pockets, you can do whatever you want in NY it seems

  9. Its always an issue. I don’t like the other car wash on Ave C either because it blocks up the street traffic going into the car wash but at least they don’t have the same issue with the cars on the outside. There isn’t much the car was can do about the line going in, cars will wait there but its wrong that this Hollywood car wash can take up a traffic lane like this.

  10. The complaints, including auto repair joints further down Coney Islans Ave, have been voiced for decades. The 66 and the NYPD don’t care. They only care about the other side of the precinct. Nothing is ever done. Nothing. Guess we don’t have pull in the 66. Got to make some political donations or take the big cops out to dinner in order to get anything done.

  11. Have informed CB 14 and the 70 Precinct about this, to no avail. Also, how about the auto repair businesses on the West side of CIA just North of Cortelyou Road. Check them out, they always have cars across the sidewalk and also rampant double parking that causes SB traffic on CIA to backup. This is a safety hazard for vehicles and pedestrians walk on the sidewalk at this location and attempting to cross at Cortelyou and CIA. Where is the Mayor’s Vision Zero where we really need it?

  12. Really, unless you plan on living on that piece of sidewalk or need to claim that traffic lane for your own personal use what do you care? Let them misuse the public space and let the police deal with it. In the meantime go get yourself a life.

  13. You have lived on a street that for decades has been home to commercial automobile businesses. That is the nature of these businesses. If you lived around a fish market district you would complain about the smell. If you have lived here for 35 years and you don’t see anything being done about it, then maybe you should have moved somewhere else.

  14. So the same can be said about movie theaters or concert venues or clubs when a line of people blocks the sidewalk waiting to buy tickets. Should we complain about that too? If you choose to live in a City and live your residential life on a commercial street these are the things you will have to deal with. Otherwise MOVE BACK TO THE SUBURBS!

  15. I don’t see what needs to be done here. These businesses provide a service. They need to do these things for their business. You don’t have to live across the street from it if you don;t want to. So what is the problem? I drive down this street all the time and I don’t mind if I have to change lanes there. I have to change lanes all the time if I ride in that lane anyway due to the many delivery trucks and double parked cars all the way down CIA. If they stopped taking over that lane you would not have a clear lane anyway for much more than another half a block at most so why bother to complain.

  16. So why not also complain about the Fire Department on Cortelyou road? A single lane road which has all the firemen’s private vehicles double parked for the entire length of the street in front of the fire house all day and night so they don’t have to look for a parking space in the neighborhood and can park conveniently right in front of their place of work? Why aren’t they given tickets? Can you just double park right in front of the store you work in all day? No of course not! So why are they allowed to? My point is is that the police look the other way in a lot of these situations, so why don’t you also? If you are going to stick to the letter of the law on these matters it will have to apply to everyone right? That gets kind of complicated no?

  17. This is typical nonsense complaints from holier than thou newbie transplants from quite suburban farm towns that come to the city and all of a sudden have to co-inhabit a shared residential and commercial zone and suddenly have to point out all the technical wrongs they encounter that nobody has had a problem with living in this city for years. If you want to live in the big city like you see on TV then you are going to have to understand that you can’t have everything and if double parked cars and lots of car action bothers you to the point that you need to raise a stink about it to the community board, police, etc. then maybe you made the wrong choice moving with close proximity of TONS OF AUTO REPAIR PLACES!!!!! No one is forcing you to live here and my guess is that most of the people complaining have been here a lot less time than these businesses have been here.

  18. yes. If you don’t like loud music don’t move in under a rock club. If you don’t like the sound of people cheering all the time don;t move in next to a sports bar. If you don’t like the smell of rotting garbage don’t move in next to land fill. and if you don’t like the inconvenience of double parked cars, don;t move in near auto body shops. It’s unbelievable that people will move in next to established businesses and then try to change the surroundings for their own convenience and quality of life. It’s not all about you folks. This is why NYC sucks so much now. It’s because of this kind of attitude.

  19. and exactly how do you know that nothing has been done about it? Maybe for all you know they are given tickets and violations all the time? Maybe they just pay them as a cost of business expense because they make more money from doing it this way than obeying the law? Fed Ex and UPS trucks get ticketed all the time for double parking while their drivers are delivering packages and I don’t see them changing their business model and having their delivery trucks driving around looking for a legal parking space before delivering any packages. The companies probably work in the summons to their expenses. How do you know this isn’t happening here?

  20. Lotsa luck. It’s run by Orthodox Jews who see themselves as accountable to no one but Hashem. You could fine them till the cows (but not the pigs) come home and they’d shrug it off.

  21. If you’re gonna pick on these guys, you need to pick on every single auto body shop on Coney Island Ave. They do the same stuff, blocking lanes.

  22. the city cuts deals with the police and fire unions that says they can park their personal vehicles with impunity. That’s why.

  23. Uh DumMy, I said that there is nothing that they can do about people waiting to get in.

  24. From this comment I can only assume that your beliefs around rape and robbery also go along the lines of “she shouldn’t have been wearing that” and “he shouldn’t have been walking there”.

    Its clear someone is getting paid off to turn their head to what is going on on CIA, corruption should be stamped out.

  25. so what makes you think that the CIty isn’t doing the same with these businesses? Possibly these businesses are paying for this privilege in some way or another as well?

  26. So it’s okay for the City to cut deals with these organizations to do illegal things but not for others?

  27. believe me, I am not the owner of the car wash. I have no idea who the owner of the car wash is but I assume he isn’t sitting here reading this blog and replying to this thread.

  28. hahahhaha talking about transplants in regard to the clean water act.

    I’m deep routed here, those businesses haven’t been here as long as you think. Just as long as you’ve chosen to become accustom to their blatant disregard for safety and the environment.

    “Overflows of raw sewage and inadequately controlled stormwater discharges from municipal sewer systems can end up in waterways or backup into city streets or basements of homes threatening water quality, human health and the environment. EPA conducts inspections of Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) including combined sewer systems and sanitary sewer systems.
    EPA inspections for combined sewer systems involve:
    reviewing the NPDES permit and any enforcement orders
    verifying the permittee is in compliance with the permit
    verifying that the permittee is preventing combined sewer overflows (CSOs) during dry weather
    reviewing compliance with the nine minimum CSO controls
    verifying that the permittee is adhering to a schedule in the long term control plan
    implementing a monitoring program
    eliminating overflows in sensitive areas
    minimizing industrial discharges during overflow events
    EPA inspections for sanitary sewer systems involve:
    reviewing the NPDES permit and any enforcement orders
    verifying that the permittee is in compliance with the NPDES standard permit conditions to mitigate and institute proper operation and maintenance
    determining if there are any unpermitted discharges such as sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs)”

    The police don’t care, it’s not theirs to worry until someone gets hit because of a car double parked etc.

  29. um, no, those are not my beliefs around rape and robbery. Just because I take a stand on double parked cars at a car was does not mean I automatically make the jump to apply that theory to actual crime. That’s quite a jump and completely ridiculous. IF you believe pot should be legalized does that automatically mean you think Heroin and Cocaine should be? You can’t just assume the jump, to do so does not allow anyone to voice their opinion about minor issues without automatically grouping them in with and labeling them with larger totally separate and unrelated issues. To do so shows a total lack of understanding of independent thinking. Someone can have a view on a traffic issue without it translating automatically to the same view on murder. Silly argument and nonsensical point.

  30. yes, corruption should be stamped out, but I don’t think the world at large will benefit if you start this war against corruption at a Coney Island Avenue Car Wash.

  31. if the city (which regulates parking) allows it, it’s not illegal. Not saying it’s right but that’s why cops and firefighters get to park near their stations. They don’t do this for private businesses to expropriate public property. They may pay for it, but it should be in the form of fines.

  32. I had to look that one up. “inferior quality; held in low social regard; old and delapidated; refers almost exclusively to inanimate material objects, not to people”

  33. I’ve been here a lot longer than you have and way before the auto repairs shops emerged. Your conclusion that I am a “newby” is as flawed as your mindless argument that it is OK to park cars on the sidewalk, repair cars in the street, and double park. And anyway, what’s wrong with “newie’s”?

  34. really? You think that’s the same thing? a public traffic lane where there is another lane to move into is the same as someone’s private lawn where a car doesn’t belong at all? Same thing? Why not just say “well I’m gonna throw salted potato knishes at your house? It’s the same comparison as the one you made

  35. why, is that stretch of sidewalk and lane of traffic that is being blocked your property? And do you for a fact that I am the one responsible for blocking your own personal public sidewalk and lane of traffic that therefore you are suggesting getting back at me by parking your car on my lawn? funny stuff this.

  36. Wrong. The law is the law. If the law states that a car may not be double parked on a city street, then that’s it. There is no legal exception for a cop or firefighter’s vehicle if it is a private vehicle. The exceptions that are allowed only apply to official vehicles, and even then there are specific rules regarding when and how the vehicles must be in use in order to compy sith theise esceptions to the law. A private vehicle that a cop or firefighter uses to get to work is not exempt from the law governing traffic infractions. Obviously the city looks the other way and most people just accept it. but it’s not because it’s not illegal. Just because the city allows something doesn’t mean they are making it legal. They are just selecting and choosing not enforcing the law in certain cases.

  37. It’s a public sidewalk. Not theirs to take just the same way your front lawn isn’t mine to take.

  38. exactly. And then you have to go after all the UPS, Fed Ex, Post Office trucks, Fresh Direct trucks, etc etc etc etc

  39. if this makes it a better argument, how about I park my car on the sidewalk in front of your house?

  40. yeah! let the handicapped or the elderly walk or roll themselves to the other side of the street. yes why don’t we let out neighborhood businesses dump their trash all over the place, too, while they’re at it. Get a life!

  41. the car wash down on Ave C has no problem keeping to just the area that would be parking but they have the curb cut, and ample room for pedestrians. if your business requires expropriation of public resources and creates a nuisance, the community has every right to demand that they comply with the law. you’re defending their illegal business practices, why?

  42. There have only been forums like this for a few years in which to air complaints. That’s one of the GOOD things about social media–that we can call out the scumbags. Not that these particular Orthodox likkudniks will ever be shamed.

  43. The other car wash that also causes issues and have cars blocking the side walk all the time is the one located on Coney Island Avenue between Avenue C and Cortelyou Rd. These car wash are located on a really bad location.

  44. Just to point out the fact that while I am not one of the people complaining about the car wash (I have my ways of avoiding that stretch of Coney Island Avenue), I am an almost senior citizen who was born and raised in Brooklyn, and there are many things I dislike about the way my borough has developed. I don’t like, for example, garbage on the street, graffiti (or murals, for that matter) on perfectly decent brick walls, and car radios booming obscenities into the street.

    I don’t even much like Coney Island Avenue. I remember when it was lined with old shops and at least 8-9 antique stores. Good ones, too. Who needs all those 24-hour delis? How many mothers do you know who have to go out for a quart of milk at 2AM? And are there that many Pakistani cab drivers who need an egg sandwich at 3AM?

    I object to people’s saying that if you complain about an aspect of city life, you should go back to the suburbs. Especially for those of us who have never lived in the suburbs.

    People who snipe at others’ city credentials just don’t remember that we Brooklynites used not to have to lock our doors. And we didn’t have kids getting beaten to death in school bathrooms. And we didn’t have drug dealers murdering people on our street corners.

  45. Several years ago, I contacted Mathieu Eugene (and his staff) about this by e-mail… with photos and a description of the danger the bottleneck creates along with the dangerously blocked (and slippery) sidewalk for pedestrians. NO ONE responded… ever. Even after following up. NO RESPONSE.

  46. You know the difference between “moving in next to a car wash” and USING A MAJOR STREET in the neighborhood right?! The bottleneck causes dangerous maneuvers by cars, trucks and buses. The sidewalk (ya know where people walk to get places) is blocked and covered in greasy, dangerous soap. Yeah, this is why NYC sucks now… because people like Martin can’t just wallow in self-satisfied filth.

  47. no that’s what’s BAD about social media… it gives a voice to people with too much time on their hands to air all their ridiculous issues with every little thing around them.


  48. The Carwash on Ave C has a large area as part of their own property to dry off the cars, the one on Church does not,….. hence the difference in street use. Not saying this is a defense for the Church one, but its the clear reason why, not just because the one on Ave C are better obeying the law.

  49. Then you need to not only fine and ticket and tow the Fire Dept private vehicles parking illegally in front of the fire dept on Cortelyou, but also ticket the parents of the cars that are double parking all along the side streets around PS 139 to pick up their kids after school.

  50. The official placards are being misused and it is being allowed. Those official placards are supposed to only be used during official business, on location, etc. Double parking all day and night in front of the dept you work at is not one of them. There are guidelines outlining their restrictions. The placards are being used currently to simply identify the vehicles as belonging to the Fire Dept employees so that the Traffic agents can look the other way.

  51. I think there is way more than enough room for the elderly or the handicapped to get by on that sidewalk with the cars drying off and would not have to walk across the street. Exaggerate much?

  52. The 66 Precinct does no enforcement on their side of CIA. Used car dealers blocking the sidewalks, cars with no plates etc. all ignored by the 66th. Why

  53. I am here, down the street from these thugs twenty years. Maybe that’s not long enough for some of you but I have been at the Precinct Council Meetings for almost that long and this subject came up at the first meeting I went to. The person was told that because it falls into the 66th precinct (by a whole 100 feet), that it was not the 70th’s problem. Unacceptable answer then and now. The idea that this is some newbie problem is totally false.

  54. I’ve lived on east 8th street for 33 years and this has been a problem for atleast 20 years. They come down east 8th street and try and cut people off who are lined up on church ave. So the drivers block east 8th street backing up traffic on the block causing horns to be honked like crazy specially on a beautiful day. They blocking traffic on church Abe and the entrance to a parking lot, which I pay monthly since parking is absolutely horrible. And when I try and enter the lot they inch up and block it cause they think I’m going to skip them or not allow me out of the lot. It’s gotten so much worse, and I’ve tried several times to go talk to the manager and all he told me was it wasn’t his problem, and took bad. After many meets years ago the owner promised to have someone out on the corner to keep people from blocking east 8th street and not allow any one to skip the line and even placed signs up on east 8th street stating the line started on east 8th street and someone knocked them down and no one is ever out on the corner anymore. Something needs to be done. This is getting out of hand!!

  55. They also drive down turner place when they are done and park at the pump and dry and/or clean out the other garbage throwing it on the floor so much so that my 82 year old aunts who’s house it is has gotten tickets from sanitation and had to pay them. So she placed a garbage bag on her fence that some still refuse to use and throw garbage on the floor leaving us to run after them and clean up. And moving is not an option we shouldn’t be run out of our neighborhood and home since our houses have been in the family for over 60 years and four generations. Your a business in the area you should be mindful of your neighbors but since they have gotten so big and don’t really need us as customers cause people come from all over they feel they don’t need to be sorry to our issues they are causing.

  56. I’ve lived on east 8th street for 33 years and this has been a problem for atleast 20 years. They come down east 8th street and try and cut people off who are lined up on church ave. So the drivers block east 8th street backing up traffic on the block causing horns to be honked like crazy specially on a beautiful day. They blocking traffic on church Ave and the entrance to a parking lot, which I pay monthly since parking is absolutely horrible. And when I try and enter the lot they inch up and block it cause they think I’m going to skip them or not allow me out of the lot and try and fight with me. My dad has had to get on the line and wait just to get into the lot. It’s gotten so much worse, and I’ve tried several times to go talk to the manager and all he told me was it wasn’t his problem, and too bad. After many meeting with CB12 years ago the owner promised to have someone out on the corner to keep people from blocking east 8th street and not allow any one to skip the line and even placed signs up on east 8th street stating the line started on east 8th street and someone knocked them down and no one is ever out on the corner anymore. Something needs to be done. This is getting out of hand!!

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