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Tot Found Barefoot In Cold, Midwood Parents Arrested


A Midwood couple was arrested on Saturday after police found their 2-year-old son wandering the streets alone without a coat or shoes to protect him from the elements.

New York Post reports:

The coatless, brown-haired boy was spotted shortly before 1 p.m. near Avenue J in Midwood with nothing on his feet but a pair of socks.

The stunned 2-year-old, whose name wasn’t released, put on a brave face for the nearby residents who found him.

“We gave him my son’s slippers and a coat,” said Yafa Shalom, a neighborhood resident.

“He was really freezing,” said Shalom who gave comfort to the shivering child in the 30-degree weather after cops brought him to her door while canvassing the area for his parents.

The tot’s mom, Shazia Nafir, 39, and dad, Khalifa, were later charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child.

… Although the toddler was found at 1 p.m., the Nafirs noticed he was missing only at around 3 p.m. and called 911, cops said.

The boy was examined by doctors at Coney Island Hospital, who determined him to be healthy and unharmed. Neither parent has a criminal record, and Administration for Children’s Services told the Post they are investigating the incident.

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  1.  No you’re wrong. One article is a boy, the other is a girl. At 2 different times of the day. And the mother’s name is different. Besides my link was for the NYDN. Like I said originally this happened last night in Brooklyn as well.

  2. You know, this could be not just a positive human interest story, but a reflection of the brotherhood, and we all just really get along atmosphere, that is usually the story, in our wonderful borough. Sounds like the child that became lost is of Muslim extraction, and the folks that found him and gave him shelter, were Jews, and by their names, even Orthodox! (And some of the orthodox don’t like to mingle with others!) This is a fine story, with a good immediate outcome, and as a so called secular Jew, I say bravo to our Orthodox brothers and Sisters, for actually paracticing, the noble Biblical adminition, of remembering that we too were strangers in a strange land, and to ALWAYS TREAT THE OTHER KINDLY!


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