Southern Brooklyn

Tornado Warning Issued Until 11 AM – Immediately Go Indoors!


Notify NYC just sent out the following message:

Alert issued 9/8/12 at 10:40 AM. The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning until 11 AM for Brooklyn and Queens.  Immediately go indoors and/or to the lowest floor of your building for shelter.  Stay away from windows.

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  1. Video shot by Tom O’brien :

  2. sheeeeesh unbelievable!!  HIT AND DAMAGED Breezy Point Surf club… almost hit right by the aquarium,  hit the belt by flatbush AND we are now under a tornado WATCH (again) until 9PM with HIGH RISK RIP TIDE warnings.

    stay safe people

  3. I was watching from a roof on E27 st., I caught the tornado before it went behind an apartment buildin. The 2 seconds I taped don’t really shopw anything. I won’t be able to upload it and have a good look until tomorrow. The thing that is killing me…..I thought I was filming for a good minute before I realize the camera wasn’t running.Still kicking myself.

  4. Imagine if it came ashore in Brighton?

    It’s intensity, as measured by the Enhanced Vladimeteorology scale:

    EV1: Light damage; WIC cards scattered, falsified health insurance claims flying around.

    EV2: Moderate damage; fake eyelashes blown off, backhair impacted with sand, possible choking from vodka going down the wrong way if attempting to drink outdoors.

    EV3: Significant damage; Fur coats ripped from bodies, as well as false fingernails, which potentially can become deadly, poisonous projectiles. Various Government Aid facilities shut down indefinitely, resulting in recipients having to (gasp!) work.

    EV4: Heavy Damage; Women of substantial girth & heftiness toppled over, cracking sidewalks & damaging property while doing so, entire cases of borscht carried aloft, as well as black lacquered bedroom sets, including tufted mirrored headboards.

    EV5: Incredible Damage: Entire section 8 apartment buildings rendered uninhabitable, Net Cost Market ripped off its foundation & deposited in Odessa itself.

  5. Indeed – she’s been positively identified as none other than “Ze Vikit Vitch of ze Volga” – the storm’s 1st victim, & notorious Crimean criminal.

    Poor thing…she was on her way to the corner mailbox, having just completed her 1,168th WIC application claiming zero assets, when, seemingly out of nowhere, an Anteka fell from the Skye, flattening her like a pre-rolled pierogi.

    No memorial services have been announced.

  6. In other news, Avenger and otherwordly super-hero THOR visited the shores of southern Brooklyn today and got into a brief altercation causing water spouts and tornadoos to form in the area!

  7. CBS News claimed that the tornado, passed over Sheepshead Bay where it gained strength before reaping its vengeance on Canarsie. 

    Don’t mess with the bay!

  8. Loud mouth asshole woke me up from my 4 hour sleep……….

    I yelled at it, then went back to sleep, Woke up it was sunny, thought to myself as reading the news… tornado? wtf? news must be on crack today….


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