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THE BITE: Frequent readers may have noticed that I have a thing for fried chicken and Buffalo wings in particular, so today The Bite brings you yet another fried chicken review. Frequent readers may have also noticed that The Bite tries hard to seek out the unexpected items from the restaurants it visits. So today it’s wings from Top Brgr (2267 Emmons Avenue), the Kobe beef-based burger joint down on the water.

Top Brgr is currently offering four “After School Specials.” For $7.95, you have your choice of a “standard” burger, Kobe hot dog, chicken/vegetable or turkey burger or six pieces of chicken wings. Each meal comes with a small fries and a medium soft drink. The after school special is a pretty good deal. The chicken wings by themselves are usaully sold for $7.95.

My ultimate fried chicken wing is a true Buffalo wing; naked, without breading or flour, fried crispy and tossed in a sauce of Frank’s red hot sauce and butter, served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. But that’s not what Top Brgr is offering up – notice the menu never mentions “Buffalo wings.” Here it’s “wings” served Top Brgr style.

Top Brgr serves up its chicken wings dry, mild, spicy or with a sweet chili sauce. For the after school special, I was served six large wing portions alongside a good portion of French fries. The wings are served breaded and were in a spicy sauce that left the breading sticky.

Putting aside my Buffalo wing snobbery, I take these wings on as unique items of their own. I’ve ordered the spicy wings, so the only thing I can honestly expect is spice and heat. The wings are not tossed in the traditional manner, instead the sauce is poured over the wings leaving some spots un-coated by the sauce and others saturated. This wasn’t a problem for me, as I rolled my wings around in the sauce that pooled in the bottom of the container.

Biting in, the chicken was cooked nicely and the mildly crispy exterior burst with flavor from the sauce. I could feel the heat on my lips, but the flavors of the pepper, tomatoes and chili could all be detected in the sauce. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the heat level of the sauce at first – I like things to be kicking hot – but by the end of my meal I was breaking a sweat. Me likey.

Top Brgr, 2267 Emmons Avenue, (718) 646-BRGR.

The Bite is Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

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  1. this place tries too hard to make a good burger, tried them twice and am not happy with their food, the best burger i have had in sheepshead bay is in el greco followed by applebees, top brgr is overpriced and for some reason makes me feel intimadated to walk in, just my 2 cents

  2. From my most recent experience, the food at El Greco is barely edible, same goes for Applebees. Roll N’ Roaster would definitely fall in my top three. I’m curious to try Top Brgr, having showed up to Taste of Sheepshead Bay a little too full to do so.

  3. Tisk, tisk Mr. Fernandez reviewing food of your sponsor… How should I put it mildly? You were better off doing what honorable Elena Kagan did, recuse yourself.

  4. El Greco had good burgers 5 years ago, now, like the other person said they are barely edible.  Applebees gets me excited every time I go there and each time it’s a huge let down.  Haven’t tried Top Brgr, from I hear the burgers are okay, but not worth the money they charge.  Perhaps what sheepshead Bay needs, among other things, is a gastropub.

  5. Ya know F_a_b_a, that did cross my mind. 

    Top Brgr does advertise with us and did take part at the Taste of Sheepshead Bay, but that didn’t play in my review. Many of the participants at the tasting event have been subject to “a bite.” Many before the event, and a few since. But what can I do? Not talk about the businesses that support us? 

    Today’s bite was the 50th edition of the Bite. It’s getting harder to find new food items that I like enough, or hate enough, to write about. I’m certainly not going to give much time to the mediocre and unfortunately many of the offerings in the bay are just that – mediocre.

    I try very hard to maintain anonymity when reviewing the foods. At no time does the restaurant owner or staff know that I’m going to review the food. Hell, even Ned doesn’t know what I’m going to review. One of the reasons so many of the bites involve take out, is that I don’t want to be seen photographing the food in public. 

    When I ate at Top Brgr, the owner wasn’t in the restaurant, and the kids behind the counter had no idea who I was. I got no special treatment. In fact, they were pretty rude and careless and were taking advantage of the boss’ absence. 

    I pay for the food I review. If I’m comped – the restaurant doesn’t get a write up. If an owner sees me before I get my food and knows me, I don’t write about the meal. I want the same experience of a stranger walking into the restaurant for the very first time. These rules applied here and in every review I’ve ever done. 

    I work hard to be fair to you readers and to the restaurants when reviewing foodstuffs. I’m not looking to “get” anyone and I won’t recommend something I don’t like. 

    I wrote a blog about barbecue for many years. I’ve become friends with many of the BBQ pitmasters and BBQ restaurant owners in NYC. I’ve reviewed most of them and at times I was extremely critical of them. Take a look at this post I did about Daisy May’s BBQ called “Going Down on Daisy”… 

    Adam, the owner of Daisy May’s, called me and thanked me for the post. I don’t remember all of the conversation, but he said that he needed to know when things were going good and more importantly when things were going bad. That’s a smart business man.

    As the site grows and our advertising base expands, The Bite and even many of the other posts will inevitably deal with our various supporters. There are and there will be times when Sheepshead Bites has to be critical of our advertisers. There are and there will be times when Sheepshead Bites has to be supportive of our advertisers. 

    If we’re fair, balanced and most importantly honest, most businesses will be able to handle our criticism.

  6. Better Knapp St fumes than smell of 86th St. Between rotten food and smell of local residents of questionable character one doesn’t know if to close his nose or his eyes.
    Begone you devil’s spawn, back in to the bowels of Mordorhurst!

  7.  How about you do things that attract people to Top Brgr? If i think of Top brgr i will think of burgers. Or the review you did few months ago about the lobster joint next to the movies on their wings. Who the bloody hell goes to a seafood place and gets chicken wings? i would like a review on something they are known for

  8. LOL Yeah and Sheepshead Bay Road is just lick off the floor clean. Of course no neighborhood in Southern Brooklyn can really compete in the stench dept. with Manhattan in August.

  9. I have to laugh about top brgr ‘s claims of KOBE beef..maybe they have a mixt with ground beef- but their burgers are def. not real kobe. No way ould they sell them at this price- and the taste is way way off!
     Wings I got were also battered, but no crunch left in them sauce had a nice after burn but couldn’t overlook the soggy fried bits falling off.

  10. I think that top brgr has the best burgers in brooklyn. When I went there, I had a cheeseburger with waffle fries and chicken wings. The burger was delicious the waffle fries were great, and dont even get me started on the chicken wings. Everything was just what I wanted it to be.Workers there are very respectful and it was great. My friends think so too!


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