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Tonight: Town Hall On Future Of Asser Levy Seaside Park

The Asser Levy Park bandshell in better days. (Source:
The Asser Levy Park bandshell in better days. (Source:

The following is a press release from the offices of Councilman Chaim Deutsch:

New York City Council Member Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn), a strong advocate for improving all parks within the 48th district, will host a town hall meeting at Trump Village on Monday, March 24th, inviting community members to discuss their thoughts regarding necessary upgrades to Asser Levy (Seaside) Park, a popular location for rest, relaxation and recreation, which has fallen into disrepair.

(PREVIOUSLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: Deutsch calls for demolition of Asser Levy Seaside Park bandshell.)

“Asser Levy Park has the potential to become a more enjoyable park,” said Council Member Chaim Deutsch. “It’s time we give the park some overdue attention, and begin working towards regenerating the lost splendor of this valuable resource.”

Asser Levy Park, located off Ocean Parkway between Sea Breeze and Surf Avenues, is home to a playground, hand ball courts, greenery, fitness path and a band shell; all requiring maintenance.

At the town hall meeting, Council Member Deutsch will be asking his constituents to share their vision on how to improve Asser Levy Park. In particular, the Councilman would like to gauge the public’s interests as he determines whether the city’s efforts should be directed towards repairing the rundown facilities currently located at the park, or replacing them with new projects favored by the community. Council Member Deutsch will also explore possibilities for supplementing the park with additional greenery in an effort to enhance the park’s natural beauty.

“Asser Levy Park should become everything that the community wants it to be,” said Council Member Deutsch. “It’s for this reason, that I hope you’ll join me in discussing this important issue and contribute your ideas on how to improve Asser Levy Park.”

The town hall meeting will be held in the Community Room at Trump Village Section 4 [2928 W. Fifth Street between Neptune and Surf Avenues] Monday, March 24, 7 PM.

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  1. This park has so much potential. First off the playground is a disaster. They need to update it ASAP. Kids deserve a fun, safe, clean place to play. This playground it outdated BIGTIME. Look at some if the newer ones. Makes me wanna be a kid again. Asser levy is in the middle of one of the most popular summer areas. Its a shame it’s been neglected for so long

  2. I was raised in Brighton Beach and spent my childhood playing in this park where the only grass and trees could be found nearby. I am 70 years old and hope that the children of today can continue to enjoy this park. I agree with “unhappy neighbor” that it is a shame it has been neglected for so long and hope that it will soon be back to its initial beauty and function.


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