Tonight: Support Local Arts, Have a Sandwich

Tonight: Support Local Arts, Have a Sandwich

Sara Gozalo is a ‘sNice barista. Also, she’s an immunology PhD. Also, she’s an actress, with an MFA from The New School. Did we mention she’s also a screenwriter? Her short film, “A Wedding Day,” a collaboration with director Anthony Nicolau, is slated to start production later this month. From their IndieGoGo page:

A Wedding Day was written by Sara Gozalo and is being directed by Anthony Nicolau. The film tells the story of a woman molding and shaping her own idea of the American dream in order to completely redefine it. An international cast of distinguished NYC based actors will portray the characters. The film will be shot with subtlety and an eye for realism.

But subtlety and an eye for realism don’t come cheap, which is why tonight, they’re hosting a fundraiser for the project at ‘sNice: $10 gets you food, drink, and arts-patron status. You can also donate through IndieGoGo (they’re at $4,600), but IndieGoGo doesn’t get you any vegan food. The details:

Tonight, August 2nd
7pm to 11pm
315 5th Ave
$10 admission
Food and drink provided; additional donations gladly accepted.