Tonight: Ringling Bros. Throws “Russian Night”

"For next trick, I do pogrom on elephants."

How do you say Greatest Show On Earth in Russian? Is it “Джерси Шор втором сезоне”?

Well, nevermind. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is coming up with its own translation… or perhaps America’s most famous circus is trying to pull in a bit of that “exotic” foreign appeal of Cirque d’Soleil. Regardless, tonight is “Russian Night” at The Coney Island Illuscination.

Planned as a nod to its Russian neighbors in Brighton Beach and elsewhere, Ringling Bros. is partnering with Russian community leaders. Assemblyman Brook-Krasny is serving as “Guest Ringmaster,” and there will be a preshow parade of Russian children in traditional costumes.

The Ruskies are giving back, too. A delicious treat will be presented to the elephants of The Greatest Show On Earth, and a traditional gift of bread and salt will be presented to the cast of the show.

In cooperation with the Be Proud Foundation, Ringling Bros. created special discount coupons for this event which were made available at many local businesses.

Again – this event is tonight. Pre-show activities begin at 5:30 p.m. The Coney Island Illuscination plays in an air-conditioned tent at West 21


Street and Surf Avenue through September 6.