Tonight: Presentation On The Healing Power Of Music

You don't know what a kanun is?! Jeez, we have to show you everything around here.

The Turkish Cultural Center at 245 Avenue U will have a presentation on music’s healing powers tonight, March 30, at 7 p.m.

Julie Ann Cunningham, a freelance writer and musician, will discuss her recent article in The Fountain Magazine titled “Music of the Spheres,” which explored different cultures and their use of music to heal body and soul. From Ancient Greeks to Egyptians, Indians to Israelis and Europeans, mere sound waves have long been used to affect people’s health, and Cunningham will talk about the different traditions, notable figures and instruments used by various civilizations.

Oh, but it’s not all talkie-talkie. There will be musical performances with the kanun, a popular Turkish instrument, and light Turkish food will also be served.