Tomorrow – John Travolta will be in Bensonhurst for John Travolta Day Celebration


BENSONHURST – Streets will be closed around Lenny’s Pizza (1969 86th Street) tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12 for a ceremony at 1:00 pm celebrating actor John Travolta who made Bensonhurst, double-decker slice, and Lenny’s Pizza famous in the Saturday Night Fever:

“Travolta changed the culture of Brooklyn and America forever in both fashion and music. The movie Saturday Night Fever brought millions of Americans to the dance floor to the rhythm of disco” said Senator Golden who is organizing the event.

John Travolta also starred in the iconic television program “Welcome Back Kotter” which portrayed a Brooklyn High School.”

The event will be hosted by Will DeMeo who is co-starring in “Gotti” with radio personality Joe Causi as the event’s emcee. The devoted fan and Italian business mogul Gianluca Mech, who last year spent over $200,000 to recreate the famed “2001” disco for the 40th Anniversary of the film will also be in attendance

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  1. Wow wish I could be there remember going to 2001 and the Pizzaria so many years ago. Travolta has always been a favorite.

  2. John Travolta has been one of my iddles since I was a kid. He has given his fans so much joy in watching his movies like Grease, Saturday Night Fever and many more. Wish I could be there to enjoy the moment. Thank you John for being such a humble succesful person.

  3. I would love to go down and chat
    Because of my ❤️ Of Brooklyn
    But I think I’d be the one
    I’m still here
    NO plans to leave
    But it’s def NOT the same

  4. Got that right, did you see what Philips dance studio looks like now? Graphetti all over the place. Maybe it’s me, but when they took down Gotti, the neighborhood went with it. Bensonhurst would NEVER look the way it is today, … sad

  5. stupid movie but back then the world was starry eyed and eager for almost anything new . wouldnt last 3 weeks in the theatre in this modern era

  6. It’s like bringing back time coming in the neighborhood talk about tradition to keep alive it’s a wonderful thing man if know he be in the neighborhood I wood of been there white on rice to salute you and all VIP oh yes

  7. I,lived right around the corner from the house he was filming in. I remember following him through the streets of Brooklyn. Got many glimpses of this handsome man.
    He is aging so well and looks amazing.
    Can’t wait to see Gotti and my hometown of Brooklyn.


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