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Tomorrow: Fillmore Cares To Raise Funds For Breast Cancer With Hot Dog Giveaway, Raffle On Avenue U


fillmoreFillmore Cares, a charitable group formed by Fillmore Real Estate employees in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, will be in front of the company’s Avenue U headquarters tomorrow, raising money for breast cancer by giving away free(-ish) hot dogs and raffles.

We say “free(-ish)” because you will be asked to make a donation of your choosing to the organization. Here’s how the company’s Howard Witz puts it:

I’m planning on BBQing and giving away FREE* HOT DOGS in front of Fillmore HQ at 2990 Avenue U (corner Batchelder Street) on Friday Sept 5th from 11AM to 3PM (or until supplies last) in support of Fillmore Real Estate’s BREAST CANCER Fundraising effort. A small donation (ANY amount) will be requested. Balloons, A Little Music, and lots of Fun! In addition HOWARD WITZ is having a separate FREE raffle for a 50″ Flat Screen TV… Im enclosing a few docs with info..

For the raffle, there will be a drawing on October 23, at the company’s annual Pink Party to support breast cancer organizations.

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  1. Are these people serious??

    Processed meat is linked to cancer (google it). Here they are giving away cancer causing hot dogs to fight cancer. The irony on this is just ridiculous.

  2. Instead, why don’t you write, “Hey Fillmore Real Estate is raising over $50,000 to donate to Breast Cancer research, that’s great!!”

    ** Next time, I’ll have a brocolli give-a-way.. lets see how much I can raise that way!!! LOL..

  3. How about instead of Broccoli they give people cannabis oil…

    oh wait, i forgot that one thing that actually has been proven to repel cancer is illegal in NYC…… well in that case, just give nothing and stop causing more harm then good.

  4. Yesterday’s fun Hot Dog event raised over $400! We had a lot of fun and gave away about 300 Hotdogs! People were very generous and some gave $5-10-20 and didn’t ever want anything to eat! Agents from Fillmore were also very generous! We are doing it AGAIN next Friday so feel free to stop over and say hello!

  5. Some people had NO money too… No one was turned away. One lady with a shopping cart full of cans had 4. A couple of moms with 3-4 kids too. Come on down NEXT Friday 11-3 again! Feel free to donate too! It’s deductible also.

  6. That’s might nice of you, keeping the neighborhood in mind with that many hotdogs, I think I will pass by, better than giving 5 bucks to McD;s. 😉

  7. I’m a douche?? I’m sure you are a better person than me. I’m not worthy of even speaking to someone of your stature. I’m a douche for donating my time and money to try and help people with cancer?

  8. I’m surprised at you. You’re a longtime commenter and friend of the site — why make a comment like that to someone who has long been a fixture in this community and is doing a charitable act for others? By this logic, why not call every vendor at at every ballpark and every supermarket cashier where hotdogs are sold a douche?

  9. Howard wants women and children in our area to develop cancer. This is why he is feeding known carcinogens to those most vulnerable in our society women and children. Shame on you! I wonder how many women Witz employees? Instead of publicity, give women jobs! In the past, Fillmore was known for its blatant racism. Now, you can definitely add sexism to that list.

  10. You know what gives cancer faster than hot dogs? All the freaking stress you commenters give me. I’m closing this thread; it’s a ridiculous way to act in response to someone raising money for breast cancer research, even if you disagree with the way it’s being done.


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