Today’s COVID-19 Updates From The Mayor

Today’s COVID-19 Updates From The Mayor

The citywide daily number of people admitted to NYC hospitals for suspected COVID-19 threshold is 200 patients; today’s report is 76 patients with a confirmed positivity level of 16.4% for the coronavirus. The number of newly reported cases on a seven-day average threshold is 550 cases; today’s report is 471. And the percentage of people testing positive citywide for the coronavirus threshold is 5%; today’s number is 2.17%.

“The big top line here is that we still continue to see a leveling off in some of the areas of greatest concern, that’s good news. But, we’ve got more work to do,” de Blasio said in his press conference today. “It does take hard work. We learned that in March and April. But, it can be done. We’ve learned that as well. So to everyone in those red and orange zones, continue to dig deeper. We need to have people wearing those masks, practicing social distancing, all of the basics. And we want to keep this period of restriction as limited as possible. But, we still need to make more progress overall.”

He explained that the city’s goal was to stop a second wave of the coronavirus in NYC, and right now, “the numbers suggest we are stopping a second wave. But, we have to remain vigilant, and this next week or two will be crucial to make sure we consolidate our progress and retain the progress we had previously.”

According to de Blasio, one of the biggest issues in the City is testing— we need more of it, he said.

“We need more and more people to get tested. I’d say that is more of a problem in Brooklyn than in Queens,” he said. “That is one of the things I want to see real improvement this week.”

“In February we were all living such a different life. A lot of things were going really well in NYC and suddenly our lives were just massively disrupted,” he said. “I miss a lot of life before. I know so many people do. We’re all tired of being in a crisis situation, but I am really encouraged by the fact that we’ve come as far as we have, and I’m encouraged by the fact that this is a crisis with an end.”

No detail was provided on COVID-19 hot spot areas.