Today in Park Slope Mockery

Park Slope Food Coop

Three stories about some of the Park Slope tropes that are becoming a bit of a yawn popped up this morning, and were either laced with uninspired mockery, or were just waiting for someone else to pounce. So how does it all break down?

Exhibit A: The Park Slope Food Coop Is So Crazy
Premise: The Daily News takes a look at the 40-year-old coop, which is, of course, well-worn territory.
Quote: “The intercom went crazy with ‘Do we have kale!?’ ‘Do we have kale!?’ ‘Someone needs to get fired!’ It was doomsday,” said one of the many sources who wished to remain nameless, lest they get kicked out of the coop.
Worth Reading? Except for the tip about shopping late to avoid the lines, no.

Exhibit B: The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture Is Wacky
Premise: The Brooklyn Paper outlines the six new commandments drawn up by the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture at the Sunday platform.
Quote: “…if ‘The Ten Commandments’ star Charlton Heston had attended it might have looked like this composite image,” which describes the photoshopped pic of him as Moses, dressed in a Brooklyn Nets jersey.
Worth Reading? If you want to see their commandments, sure.

Exhibit C: Parents Aren’t Into iPads at the Library
Premise: DNAinfo revisits the Park Slope Library, where, after becoming the first to have iPads for kids, they have seen a lack of interest in them from parents who would prefer their kids to read actual books at the library, though others see the benefits of the technology.
Quote: “For the 3-year-old, there’s an immense opportunity to discover new things to read, and anything that’s pulling her away from that gets in the way of the purpose of the trip to the library,” said a dad who was “hesitant to criticize the library because it’s a ‘good community resource.'”
Worth Reading? Sure, it’s a quick and interesting look at the changing way we use the library. Or is it yet another reflection on Park Slope parents being ridiculous, and something they want to rage against? You decide!


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