Tire changer struck by out-of-control SUV, serious but stable

A tire shop worker and a customer were injured this afternoon when a Mercedes Benz went out of control on slippery Glenwood Road near Troy Avenue in East Flatbush. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

EAST FLATBUSH – A 20-year-old tire changer and the driver of the car with the flat tire were injured Sunday afternoon when an SUV swerved to avoid a u-turning vehicle on Glenwood Road and Troy Avenue in East Flatbush, causing his vehicle to smash into the two men and the vehicle, police said.

The tire changer, not immediately identified, was working for Glenwood Tires Repair at 4405 Glenwood Road when he and an unidentified customer were struck at about 1:45 p.m. The tire changer had the worst of the injuries according to police commanders on the scene.

He was rushed to Kings County Hospital in serious, but stable condition with two broken legs, crushed by the impact of the SUV. Police officials said the SUV, a 2016 Acura, was traveling westbound on Glenwood Road near Troy Avenue when an unidentified vehicle made a u-turn, causing the 35-year-old driver to swerve on the rain-slicked roadway, smashing into the Honda SUV, which was having a tire changed at the curb by the employee of the tire repair shop.

Police Investigate the crash scene. Todd Maisel/Bklyner

According to witnesses, the tire changer had his legs crushed, while the customer was knocked to the ground. The Acura ended up on the sidewalk, while the Honda he hit was turned around into the opposite direction by the impact.

Police from the 67th Precinct and firefighters raced to the scene and rushed the injured men to Kings County Hospital where doctors were fighting to save the man’s legs, severely broken by the impact of the crash.

The customer suffered only minor injuries in the crash, police said. “It was horrible,” said one witness who refused to give his name. “The guy’s legs were crushed by the car when it hit him. I hope he makes it.”

Police officials said no charges were being filed against the driver of the Acura pending further investigation by NYPD Highway investigators. The driver remained on the scene after the crash.

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Todd Maisel
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  1. 10-50% of people who drive cars are not qualified to do so. Illegal U-turns are typical behavior for these narcissistic bad drivers. They should all be given like a $1000 fine & a month of community service and lose their driving rights. But no one will take that one on – not the police, not the DOT, not legislators. So people get killed and injured. ALWAYS assume any bad thing can happen with cars because of all the terrible drivers.


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