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Timeline: Gelman Leaves 4 Dead, 4 Injured

Maksim Gelman, 23, was taken into custody at the Times Square subway station, police said. It was unclear if he was injured.

Here’s a reverse timeline of Gelman’s rampage, which lasted 28 hours. The information comes from the Daily News and the New York Post. The times are approximate.

Saturday, February 12

  • 9:15 a.m.
    • Arrested at the Times Square subway station. Police flooded the 3 train Gelman was riding and took him into custody. An MTA bus transported witnesses for questioning. One police officer was hurt.
  • 9:00 a.m.
    • Gelman stabbed another man on the 3 train at the 96th Street and Broadway station. The 40-year-old was stabbed in the neck, critically injuring him.
  • 1:00 a.m.
    • Gelman attacked another man on Eastern Parkway, stealing a black Nissan Maxima and injuring the driver. The 25-year-old man was stabbed repeatedly and dragged for a block. Moments before stealing the Maxima, Gelman had held a knife to a cabbie’s throat, telling him to drive. The cabbie struggled and drove into a parked car.

Friday, February 11

  • 9:15 p.m.
    • Gelman’s stolen Pontiac is found abandoned at East 15th Street between Avenue H and Avenue I.
  • 7:30 p.m.
    • Police receive a call that a man matching Gelman’s description was seen hiding behind a building on Avenue R and East 18th Street. Police respond in force, but find it to be a false alarm.
  • 4:45 p.m.
    • Gelman plowed into a 62-year-old man at Avenue R and Ocean Avenue, just one block away from where he struck a crossing guard earlier in the day. Unlike that victim, the 62-year-old man later died.
  • 4:40 p.m.
    • After fleeing the scene of his girlfriend’s murder in his silver Lexus, Gelman drove north to Avenue U. There he attacked a passing motorist, stabbing 60-year-old Art DiCrescento before stealing his Pontiac Bonneville. DiCrescento is in critical condition.
  • 4:30 p.m.
    • After several quiet hours on the lam, Gelman resurfaces. Police respond to a 911 call to East 24th Street and Avenue Y. There they find his ex-girlfriend, Yelena Bulchenko, 20, dead – alongside her mother Anna. Gelman stabbed Anna more than a dozen times while Yelena attempted to escape. Gelman caught Yelena outside, and stabbed her multiple times as well.
  • 8:12 a.m.
    • Police believe Gelman struck a crossing guard at Ocean Avenue and Avenue S. The 41-year-old guard suffered a broken leg.
  • 5:10 a.m.
    • When police arrive at an East 27th Street and Emmons Avenue condo, Aleksandr Kuznetov, 54, is found dead. Police begin the hunt for his stepson, Maksim Gelman, who fled in a silver Lexus.

Gelman had a prior arrest for patronizing a prostitute and criminal possession of a controlled substance. Neighbors said police had been to the East 27th Street condo several times in the past, as he and his father fought frequently.

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  2. I’ve said it already, and so has everyone else, but seriously thank you for doing such a good job covering this. Your hard work is very much recognized and appreciated.

    Just one small thing, and you can delete this comment after you correct it if you want – but the 5:10am bullet point says the condo is at 27th and Ave U. Might want to change it to Emmons for accuracy’s sake.

    Thanks again!

  3. Great job guys on story, this was my first source of information. And in regards to the guy, he was sick. I do wonder what triggered him?

  4. Great job guys on story, this was my first source of information. And in regards to the guy, he was sick. I do wonder what triggered him?

  5. It’s good that they are sharing this information with us. Now, we need ALL the information about the tragic accidents. It’s so sad when someone has to go this way, so as much information as we can get about the incident is better, because sometimes, the solution is not just increase the walk time (although, that can usually help).

  6. I hope this is NOT the same guy.

    The first name matched

    The location matched where he would be around at 5-7AM (When I first saw him, I asked if he is on drugs to keep him up all night.. he smiled and laughed about it)
    He would get the money delivery around 5-7 AM

    He would be up ALL NIGHT.

    Not sure if he ever got arrested for prostitution.

    Because prostitutes were very nice to him AS LONG AS HE PAID THEM MONEY, he was under the illusion that he is Casanova and every girl wanted him. He was very afraid of rejection from other girls. Probably this ex girlfriend found out about his past. Or she DUMPED him.

    He needed a car if someone didn’t deliver the money to him or needed to go pick it up. I am SHOCKED that he didn’t have his own car. He needed a car to drive around hookers and collect the money (unless the drivers bring the money to him)

    He learned to fight well in the fighter club (located off of McDonald Ave between Ave X and Ave Y. located on the side streets either around the bowling alley or sand man) He would wear his membership card on the key chain.

    He also has VERY short hair cut a year or two ago (not the same as the MUG SHOT).

    If this is the same guy, I recall talking to him a year or so ago for over an hour.

    I mentioned that doing his illegal activities was not going to end well. He said that no honest living he can do and make $2,000 a day. He mentioned that he used to make $2,000 a day selling drugs before prostitution ring. He thought that he is above the law by have ALEX as a street name. He didn’t look like he is making $2,000 a day to me. (Maybe because he needed to share most of the money with other people) He did mention that he had a few partners.

    He thought the prostitute was his girlfriend. But, I mentioned that as long as he has money to pay them THEY LOVE THE MONEY.

    Since he was scared of jail, I thought he would stop selling drugs after an arrest and HE DID STOP the drug selling. He went into prostitution biz and don’t know if he ever got arrested for it (maybe for hiring prostitutes, he may have hired an undercover cop or something)

  7. Thanks, Danny, but I was just reading Ned’s reporting in the safety and warmth of my home. There was a killer on the loose!!

  8. I don’t know what happened to this comment. It was meant to be under the pedestrians killed article, but somehow got here!

  9. What was the cause of him killing and hurting people..

    if it started with him stabbing his step father ..

    it so wrong .. but there must be an explanation to his action, what caused such behavior??

  10. his stepfather used to beat him and his mom since he was a child, i don’t know what caused him to do the other slaying.

  11. extreme sadism and masochism is cause by being abused as child by selfish beings .. selflessness is hard to find, especially when you are around egoistic ppl

    speaking for myself only I’m taking this event as another lesson in life..

    mne ochen’ jalko teh kto poteryal rodnih i lyubimih.. tsarstvo im nebesnoe ..

  12. Wes was always a troubled kid, back in the day he was always the sly, quiet and paranoid person he still is today. He used to chill on Homecrest park, riding his bike, peddling all kinds of junk to other street kids. If you ever watched the movie ‘Kids’, Wes was the pretty much like the Casper of the group. As we all got older, lives changed, people changed; coping with change was sure not easy. With the mix of psychotic drugs such as angel dust, cocaine, marijuana and having lose almost all your friends; I don’t even know. All I can say is that I feel awful for the families he destroyed along with his own. It’s really messed up. No one ever expected anyone we knew once to turn into a killer, let alone a part of society that is nothing but darkness. I’m certain in his rage he thought he had it all planned out; now he’s going to rot for the rest of his life in prison; I can see him commiting suicide. So sad that so many people had to get hurt.. I still can’t believe it; what an idiot.. what a waste of life.

  13. 1st let me say, to Ned, you sir did a amazing job with the updated all day yesterday to today, good reporting you did sir!

    then to my local people, and the rest of brooklyn, and the city. as a resident of sheepsheadbay, he does not in any way shape or form, represent the normal type of person from this area.

    to the nypd, good job, you guys went all out to catch this obviously disturbed person, i hope that the one officer who was hurt, is not hurt badly, and wish him as well as all victims a speedy recovery.

  14. lmmaaooo all these so called punks claim to make 2,000 a day, if so why can’t he get his own car, what do drug addicts do? they get drugs for other people so they wont have to pay for their fix.

  15. finally someone who knew Wes. I grew up with him in Homecrest Park, he was always a troubled kid and he always hated his stepfather from the moment I met him, i never even knew his name.

    He was not a psycho like so many people would like to call him he may have turned into one with the help of drugs and his stepfather and just meddling with the wrong crowd, but back then he was just another troubled kid tortured by his “soviet-style” parenting (i know you know what I am talking about). Lives could’ve been saved a long time ago by helping this child out, I know there are a lot of troubled kids all over NYC that need our help.

    I am sorry to all the people hurt by this troubled individual, it should have never came to this, I am still shocked and terrified by all of this.

  16. If this is the guy. I HOPE he is not.

    He said $2,000 a day ( from what I noticed he was young and was showing off about it, he was doing it when he was 18)

    He was selling drugs and probably out of the $2,000 , he had to share with his partners and buy more drugs to re-sell.

    He was an 18 year old punk happy to show off $2,000 cash to hookers and people around to make him fell better or something..

    Hope its not him.

  17. I agree with everything from your post, except, Marijuana isn’t known as a Psychotic Drug, if anything it’s the complete opposite, i think instead of pot you can replace it with Crack. which is easier to get on the streets and much cheaper.

    and he def looks like a crack head.

  18. do you see my fellow Shepsheaders, every single person who tried to go against the rules of the universe got hurt.. total score is 9:0

    god is wining .. OBEY

  19. Great job on the reporting Ned. I think he should get a life sentences without the possibility of parole. Let him suffer until he dies of natural causes in jail or until another inmate kills him.

  20. some studies do show that marijuana, if heavily abused during teenage years, could lead to psychotic disorders in adulthood, such as schizophrenia.

  21. zero-oneness to that.. just saying that stuff happens when people go against the laws of the universe .. its not for me to decide who deserves what ..

    if one feels remorse and pity towards people then the crying will never stop .. so i don’t really even care who deserves “to get hurt” ..

    fact is that pepole don’t get stabbed for no reason

    nuff said

  22. After BS like this (and COUNTLESS other incidents), shouldn’t NY start thinking about taking on California’s Three Strike Rule??? He would have been put away a long time ago and no one would have been harmed and killed. I doubt my comment will make a change, but seriously, why should someone be given chance, after chance, after chance, after chance when we all know someone’s going to get seriously harmed or killed in the future.

    This bastard makes ME SICK.

  23. You’re being too vague for us to understand, honestly. Is it your belief the victims somehow deserve the attacks in some small way? Explain.

    It’s ridiculous but… interesting?

  24. YOu are F-CKED IN THE HEAD.





  25. From the comments, I am starting to understand why he had hatred towards his stepdad ( although it doesn’t justify his actions by any means!). But why did he do it to this poor girl and her mother? I wonder what is the story behind it…

  26. There are so many shady things in this story.
    First where is the mother, who and what time called the police to Gelmans house.
    Where was he hiding 12 hours before killing Anna and Yelena Bulchenko?
    Why didnt the police find him in the abandoned MTA building on east 15th and Ave H, when it was a 100% obvious he was there?
    I think the police worked awful in this case and they still hiding something from us, for instance can anybody tell me why Gelmans house still has no crossing signs all over the place and 24 hour standing police car nearby, and Bulchenko’s house doesn’t have nothing???

  27. Yeah, something here definitely does not track. Local ABC news is reporting that he killed Anna Bulchenko around 10:30AM and then waited at her house until around 4:15PM when Yelena Bulcheno arrived. She was able to place calls to 911 but was then ambushed and murdered. He then fled in his Lexus down East 24th Street. If his car was parked on East 24th Street for almost 6 hours, why didn’t any street patrol police spot it? The Bulchenko house was well within the search area.

  28. from what i read he had a whopping 10 prior arrests, but they were all for non-violent crimes, like graffiti and drug possession. no one saw this coming

  29. Great job that this website did reporting this story. I’m dismayed by the people who expect perfection from law enforcement. It’s not a perfect world, buddies, it’s not easy to track down a guy in a city of 7-8 million. Also, as was pointed out, the psycho knew Brooklyn very well. Given that it took them only 2 days, I’d say that’s damned good work. Consider for example, how long it took authorities to track down James Earl Ray. Or even Charles Manson….

    Unfortuneately, of course in an ideal world we wish other victims hadn’t been hurt/killed in the time it took the police to find him.

    I notice in life that those who expect perfection from others are usually pretty lazy and quite non-perfect themselves.

    Good job, police, and sympathies for the victims. And, barring the ACLU, at least this lunatic will never see the streets again. In New York though, one never knows. A jury might just blame George Bush for all of this and let the guy go.

  30. Just one more comment. Mr. Berke, and other posters:
    I learned a long time ago on AOL, don’t respond to insane posts like “they deserved it”. You just give the person reason to keep posting. It’s not necessary to label the person an idiot. This crowd can make its own judgment, and i’m sure, no matter what our political opinions are, in this case it’s unanimous.
    In fact, the original post is only one post, but multiple responses make it a whole page or more, and that cheapens the entire site, which is excellent. I ask everyone not to respond to such junk, especially the one who runs this site.
    and i assure you this is the last thing i have to say on the subject!

  31. Dude/Sir, this isn’t a left/right thing – a conservative can question police procedure as can a liberal – and please don’t bring GWB into this. Everyone already knows that if he hadn’t extended his tax cuts this massacre would never have happened – no question.

    Seriously though, I didn’t say police messed up or that they should have been able to think ahead of him and be able to guess where he was going. To have found him in just over 24 hours is totally to their credit and I applaud the NYPD for their efforts at tracking the blood trail. However, if the Lexus they were searching for was parked only 7 blocks away for some 6 hours, that the street patrols seem to have done a poor job of searching. I/we don’t know that that is what happened. But if that is accurate, I think that criticism is perfectly valid. It’s possible they could have stopped his rampage at two dead, hours earlier than it actually ended. It would be insane to suggest that if their was a failure of some sort here that the NYPD shouldn’t/couldn’t adjust their policy in the future – whether it be enhanced street patrol or whatever.

  32. This is similar story to the MOSQUE on voorhies avenue ( 2812 voorhies ave) in sheepshead bay

    Many signs pointed out that this person may cause trouble in the future.

    And the Mosque may be worse for the future. ( especially not knowing where the money is coming from and the traffic night mare)

    Feel very sorry for ANYONE living in the area of the MOSQUE.

    The MOSQUE may cause more damage than this guy would ever do.

  33. 🙂 it is a lot to process i absolutely understand .. i love you all though

    just imagine how you will act when a crazy drugged up person ends up on your door step .. would you be egoistic enough to think you can stop him by cursing or treating him with the cops .. you have seconds hopefully minutes to react righteously, beg on your knees,, throw yourself at him and hug him.. understand where he is coming from . and give him what he wants so he can leave you alone ..

    no she probably ran for the phone to call the cops, relying on cops to safe her .. .. now your life is in the hands of some bandit drug addict .. what brought you to this situation? do you know what i mean guys..

    I think that he wanted to be part of her family, but of course the family didn’t want to deal with him .. so they just shut the door in his face and probably did things to make him feel that he is a worthless piece of shit and all his “friends” just kept reminding him of how perfect they are together without knowing what the hell was really going on in his head ..

  34. You don’t understand people, buddy. Situations like this aren’t so black and white, and ‘throw(ing) yourself at him and hug(ging) him’ is questionable advice at best.

    Your mindset about this is like trying to change the weather… There’s a reason for it, sure – but not one the public can control

  35. Are u crazy? “police caught hum within 24 hours”???
    Police didn’t catch him, they had their chances twice or three times, 2 and 3 blocks away from Bulchenko’s house and on east 15th and ave H.

    He tried to get into the train in Manhattan and people started to recognize him, the police just had to fastrn the handcuffs as usual. I don’t kbow what happened to the guy’s mind, but for sure if he wanted he would have hid from the police for another at least YEAR.
    And don’t forget guys that we live i an era of technologies. Police made a POOR job. I don’t know what i pay taxes for.

    By the way does anybody know why the police still patrol Gelman’s house? Is there a reason? Why don’t they do the same with Bulchenko’s house if its routune?
    And where is Svetlana Gelman? Who called the police to their house, her or the neighbors abd what time?

  36. i assume the mother is hiding out at a friend or relative’s home. she’s been through an extremely traumatic experience, can’t blame her for wanting to avoid the media and her home (bloody crime scene, prying neighbors …). perhaps cops patrol the home just in case someone wants to do some damage to the home in retribution, not sure, just a thought

  37. Sick little moron. He makes the Bay look bad. This story makes me feel like I’m in a small town again. When the fire hydrant exploded on High Street across from city hall in that town in PA it was news for at least 2 days.

  38. And you are so smart that you don’t care where the money is coming from?

    Where will people park?

    5X a day and extra events

  39. its real life.

    You have the same results at the end.

    Both things could have been prevented.

    The mosque, don’t let them build with out an investigation.

    This maniac should have been in jail after 3 strike, like California instead of 10 arrests and he is walking the streets and selling drugs.

    How do you know drugs will not be sold at the mosque

  40. The money for the mosque could have come from drugs and should be investigated.

    Trace the cash that they used to pay for the land and construction for cocaine and other drugs

  41. And charge for them. 150 dollars to be there should make this profitable, well, they could sell some cheap seats too. Hold it in Madison Square Garden Sell broadcast rights and then start making the penal system a profit center for the state. Perhaps courts could also be revenue generating, especially those really juicy divorce cases.

  42. Are you the next Meksim Gelman? Guess we’ll just throw the cuffs on you now then, and ask questions later.

    Anarchy isn’t freedom btw, it’s Complication.

  43. i think sheepshead bay is the least of your worries. Why don’t you think of the bigger picture, At least people won’t think your a Racist piece of shit if you let them build it. cause right now, You sound worse then the kkk.

    However…… i don’t care for any of it my thought for Religion stays the same, i rather not have it in the first place. I say we take down every symbol of Religious activity and ban All of it. If you can build a church. you can build a Mosque. End of story. you don’t like it? Move to Texas.

  44. But then lethal injection is not entertaining enough. We should go for a firing squad, at least. You could even auction places on the “team”!

  45. first of all, dickwad, in no way did i invite your disgusting reply here. second of all, as a fan and user of the drug, i have no reason to spread “propaganda” here. and third of all, the only reason i even know of this study is because one of my friends, with no hereditary schizophrenia, is being treated for it after an adult onset, possibly related to his extreme abuse of the drug in high school. so go shove that up your ass buddy.


    No, no one saw this coming. But, If we had this law, people won’t be given the chance to kill/hurt innocent people. If you’re clearly no stranger to the law and constant arrests (especially drugs), you’re bound to hurt someone… Maybe not necessarily kill, but it’s inevitable. If someone can’t function in society and wants to throw away their freedom after three strikes, then so be it. In no way am I saying everyone should agree with me, but a lot of future lives could be saved from this law. We have the freedom to choose our own paths in life…

  47. Moron! Maybe you wanna join him? Kill your family and few friends and your closeted bf, and cops gonna reunite you with ur NIGGa Gelman! So you both can suck each other cocks while serving life ..

  48. Moron! Maybe you wanna join him? Kill your family and few friends and your closeted bf, and cops gonna reunite you with ur NIGGa Gelman! So you both can suck each other cocks while serving life ..

  49. I’m just glad that it is winter and no kids were across the street from that house.
    Usually that section of the park is filled with kids.

  50. i just Realized something, People like Gelman are the same exact people who are trying to stop the Mosque from being Built… One thing they have in common is Nationality (however that can be coincidence) and Greed.

    maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee, You can’t take religion away from people while having your own religion two blocks away. Greed leads to Tragedy, like Maksim Gelman has caused.


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