Time Warner vs. Verizon

Time Warner vs. Verizon

If you had the opportunity to switch your cable service from the ubiquitous Time Warner to Verizon, would you? One neighbor feels pretty strongly that he would, as he wrote on a Verizon forum:

So I’m writing because we here in Park Slope (and I have read a lot of horror stories) have been struggling with TIme Warner non-stop. Our cable comes in and out constantly and they keep sending people to switch our cable box and the problem keeps not going away. The customer service is terrible.
There is no other option for my building I know other than Dish, but our building doesn’t allow dishes on the roof, so that wont work. I think the quicker you spread service here the better, I know we for one would switch immediately to Verizon without hesitation. My feeling is that other people will most likely make the same move. I’m just letting you know we are all here and want to switch.

Of course, the most popular Time Warner “horror story” of late was Patrick Stewart’s installation woes, but other have noted their displeasure with the utility in various places. However, they’ve been taking some more customer-friendly measures following Hurricane Sandy, though, and if it’s enough to make FiPS teary-eyed, maybe it’s enough to win some other anti-TW hearts out there?

So, if given the chance, would you switch?


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