Three Arrested By Ocean Avenue & Dorchester Road After Police Find Loaded Gun & Bullets Inside Fake Bible

70th Precinct officers who pulled a car over near Ocean Avenue and Dorchester Road around 2:30am Monday made an unexpected find: a loaded gun and a box full of bullets tucked inside a fake Bible, the NYPD said.

According to police, the officers noticed a smell of marijuana coming from the car after they pulled it over and, upon searching the vehicle, found a loaded Glock 17, ammunition, a gravity knife, and an open container of alcohol inside what looked like a leather-bound Bible but was instead a hollowed-out space.

Three individuals were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana: Andre Allen, 32; Satina Ferguson, 21; and DeShawn Thompson, 24, according to the NYPD.

The arrests, led by Police Officer Max Rolffot, were praised by the 70th Precinct’s commanding officer, Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio, who tweeted, “#70pct PO Rolffot & team arrested a perp for gun hidden in Bible! The dangers our officers encounter.”

Officer Rolffot has previously been honored as a 70th Precinct cop of the month for prior arrests, including one that occurred last summer by Church and Bedford Avenues, where Rolffot and two other officers spotted an individual who began to run from them.

They chased him down and recovered a loaded firearm, DiBlasio said.

Additionally, Rolffot was also commended last summer for his work in arresting an individual carrying a loaded .38 firearm in plain view on Newkirk Avenue.

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Anna Gustafson

Editor of Ditmas Park Corner


  1. “I went out walking [or in this case driving], with a Bible and a gun
    the Word of God lay heavy on my heart
    I was sure I was the one…”

  2. You must give credit to the officers of the 70. All I see on the blog is complaints about the 70. They are out there 24/7 protecting all of us. Solving 3 murders, making a big drug bust and these arrests all within a week isn’t too shabby, is it?

  3. BRAVO 7-0!
    I swear, I am sick and tired of hearing people bash on cops. This is the kind of thing they deal with *all* the time. They put their lives at risk for the good of the community – they should be applauded!
    Good Lord, in a HOLLOWED OUT BIBLE?! And how much do you want to bet that Glock was unregistered???
    P.S. What the heck is a gravity knife???

  4. To be fair, the big drug bust and two of the three murders were accomplished by the NYPD OCCB group, under the Brooklyn South Narcotics division. They had been working through the entire distribution for over a year and I assume that either they were finished with the investigation or they had to take it down before anyone else was shot.

    Certainly glad they were able to accomplish some good around here. Recent history proves that they deserve a lot of the criticism laid upon them. In court, a detectives openly admitted planting narcotics for an arrest, falsification of public documents and business records, and abuse of privileges with some wage theft as well. The public have to keep vigilant that our police forces don’t become the criminal organizations they’ve been sent to stop. This being for the protection of public and the officers who risk their well being doing an honest job against some not so honest folks. The number of incidence over the past fifteen years show that our work with them is not done.

  5. Yes, and let’s dwell on all of this nonsense now, following a post about a job well done by NYPD. Cop hater.

  6. Your laughable at worst and horrendously at best. And those are your finest qualities! Bet yes, I do hate dirty cops and unfortunately for us, there are to many overlook. FYI, I have friends who are honest officers and they speak much of same issues. Too many officers don’t deserve to wear the badge. These cops often put honest officers in danger. I have a real problem with that.

  7. Ah yes. The old “Some of my best friends are X” retort, where x=blacks, cops, Jews or whatever the context requires. How original. It must be frustrating to hate cops so much but to lack the courage to just come right out and say it.

  8. it’s like a switchblade except it doesnt have a spring action, it flips open with the force of gravity.

  9. Actually, one of the good ones became a bit tired of it and went to the federal level. He was part of the internal investigations group for some time and was about as good as you might find anywhere. This is not discounting that he received better pay and reduced risk, which was important for him as began a family. The hardest part of his job was being responsible on investigating his peers, which obviously left him a bit unloved in the department. Other aspects on how hand handled himself made it very apparent he was the right kind of person who can handle the job. Also, instead of working towards less scrupulous ways to increase their income, he continued his education while working for the department so he could obtain better compensation.

    The other is more of retired acquaintance in which one of the family business provides him use of facilities post hunting activities. Nice guy, seemed to be pretty upstanding and often spoke of his experiences and expressed disappointment with many of his peers. Still always glad to see him when he comes around. Others I have met didn’t leave as solid of an impression over time, so I really didn’t put too much effort into a friendship, much like I would with anyone I don’t share enough common interests with.

    So I’m not quite so sure anything you say really holds any ground whatsoever. But if you can’t come to conclusion that we have problems in the department, some of them stemming from decades of poor practice, I can only assume your likely delusional of some kind. I mean hell, we have the most corrupt state government in the union. This was something ranked by rated by criminal offences of various government and law enforcement posts throughout the state. Time to smell the roses pal, its has a fresh hot lump of shit right next to it.

  10. Wow. So you’re actually friends with a few cops. In that case you can’t possibly be prejudiced against the police. I mean, you can’t be prejudiced against a group of people if you happen to be friends with a few members of that group….right? Totally my bad….

  11. Do you even have a grasp on what on con artist is? I ask mainly as its use has no logical relevance here. Also, people in general are full of shit, both literally and figuratively. So there is an ‘air’ of truth to it for anyone. Now the question is which one are you at the moment? Also, what a short and brief retort. Its the fifth grader style of response when someone gets called out and doesn’t have anything worth while to say.

    So as your mom once taught you, if you have nothing to say then say nothing at all. But please, if you actually have something more constructive and worth time reading, I’d be happy to hear it. Otherwise sit your ass back down and keep your mouth shut.

  12. Well, it means that I’m possibly less judgmental than you might be. I know there is always the possibility of good or bad from anyone. So I don’t give much of a pass to anyone, regardless of their profession or other factors. Often I find either exceptional people and disappointments in almost every kind. I know people that find if someone is a cop, it becomes a non-starter for them. They have a point in some regards, but I also know they are generally wrong. A few cops I’ve met over the years proven it to be so for both cases.

    The issue with officers is the trust and empowerment we provide to them puts them as the standards bearer. Which if they can’t hold up to, they shouldn’t be officers. They do coin the term ‘New York’s Finest’. A noble term and I get the point to it. But I think we all can realize there are number to which that doesn’t apply.

  13. Please do tell! I’m sure I’ll be in horrible pain from the laughter of the thoughts that permeate your mind. Seriously man, you need to up game here. Its as if you not even trying, and if your are, its just one sad effort.

    But you know what, impress me. Show me how there is no issues with the force and that it really is just the white pristine castle. If you can’t come up to this, you really have nothing worth listening to.

  14. Errr….dude, and I mean this in the absolute friendliest of ways…don’t you think it’s time to give it a rest?

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