Threatening Graffiti Found On Public Utility Closet

A reader spotted this mysterious message scrawled on a public utility closet on Bedford Avenue, just south of Avenue X. The scribbling says, “Starting with Weiner, Ending with Schumer.”

We’re not entirely sure what this means, but we’ve got to wonder if it has anything to do with the anthrax scare at Congressman Anthony Weiner’s office following his “yes” vote on healthcare reform. That incident left his Kew Gardens staff in decontamination for days (it turned out to be antacid), and the envelope it came in was sent from the 11235 zip code. That puts this graffiti at ground zero. Could it mean that Schumer is next?

Surely, the healthcare vote did stir up some heated sentiments around the neighborhood. If the discussion turns to national politics, many (not all, but many) neighbors that I speak to at meetings and events invariably turn to venomous rhetoric against Weiner and Schumer for their roles in reform. But no matter your political leanings, the threats, hate speech and fanaticism growing on the right, especially in the Tea Party, have no place in a community like Sheepshead Bay (or anywhere, for that matter). Political ideas are to be formed, implemented and reformed through debate – not through a most chilling fear wrought by malice and threats.