Thousands of Kindergartners Placed on Waiting Lists As Applications Surge

brooklyn kindergarten waitlist
Thousands of kids are waiting for kindergarten spots

Kindergarten admittance for New York City children is up in the air. Schools around the city have received 600 more applications than last year, which led to 2,500 would-be students placed on kindergarten waiting lists for their zoned schools.

Of the 125 schools affected, several are located in Bensonhurst and the surroundings areas. P.S. 105 in District 20 has 80 kids on the list, and P.S. 69, also in District 20, has 50 kids on theirs. Other local schools with shorter waiting lists include P.S. 200, P.S. 177, P.S. 101, P.S. 48, P.S. 163, and more according to

“We know that this can be an anxious time for parents, but we can expect these lists to shrink and disappear by the first day of school in September, as they have every year,” said Frank Thomas, city Department of Education spokesperson.

Parents will have to wait until the end of June to find out where kindergarten seats will become available.

“My son is on the list and we are very upset. I just want him to get a good education and I don’t want him to end up somewhere far. I don’t want to wait until June. I’m going to send him to a private school, but we have the means for it. That’s not the case for every parent,” said Lisa, whose son is a prospective student at an elementary school in Bath Beach.

The city is trying to reduce the number of waiting list students by adding kindergarten classes where space permits. DOE officials said that between now and the end of May, classroom numbers fluctuate because children are accepted to gifted and talented programs, private, parochial and charter schools.

“We will continue to work with all of our schools to help them reduce waiting lists and ensure that every student has access to a great kindergarten,” said Thomas.

Tell us parents, are your kindergartners on a waiting list? What are your thoughts on the situation, is the DOE doing enough?


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