Thousands Evacuated From Brooklyn Bridge Park Tuesday Due To Rowdy Crowds

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 2 (Photo by Brooklyn Bridge Park via Facebook)

Police evacuated Brooklyn Bridge Park Tuesday afternoon after a large crowd caused a disturbance on Pier 2.

Thousands of disappointed park visitors were forced to leave the park at approximately 4pm on April 11 after a series of fights broke out, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports.

With kids on spring break this week, the park was filled with visitors enjoying the warm weather.

Linda DeRosa, the President of the Willowtown Association (a neighborhood organization that addresses the quality of life for the residents of southwest Brooklyn Heights), claims she alerted the police when she saw “massive crowds walking to the park along Joralemon Street,” according to the Brooklyn Eagle report. She adds this is the “fourth year violence has broken out in and around the park.”

BKLYNER called the 84th Precinct on Tuesday but was not able to reach anyone for further information.

The Brooklyn Eagle breaks down last year’s violent incidents at Pier 2 which include:

-Police arresting two men on April 15, 2016 after firing shots and causing a panic on the pier.

-Another evacuation during Spring Break last year on April 27, 2016, due to large crowds, violent incidents, and death threats posted on social media.

-Police evacuating the park again on May 11, 2016, after a huge brawl reportedly broke out involving hundreds of young people at the pier.

BKLYNER also reached out to a Brooklyn Bridge Park spokesperson, as well as NYC Council Member Stephen Levin, whose district includes Brooklyn Heights and the park, but has not heard back from either office prior to posting.

BKLYNER will update when further information becomes available.

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Pamela Wong

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  1. I was there. It was calm. We stood in the blazing sun for over two hours waiting to get into the pier. Large crowds left the pier and still they let no one in. Then it was really empty and they still weren’t letting people in. We were all hot and getting frustrated- but people had been calm for hours. Then the police started coming in droves- at least ten cop cars- to herd people away, cause frustration and anger to boil up and then point the finger at the kids. A crowd of black teenagers trying to do the right thing- and this is how they get treated.

  2. Shocking, no matter how nice of a park you build, the “youth” in area will ruin it, just like the pools

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