Sheepshead Bay Weekend Apartment Rental Roundup

2502 Kings Highway (Photo via JMKBK)
2502 Kings Highway (Photo via JMKBK)

Looking for a new place to call home, or a spot to start your business? We’ve rounded up a bunch of intriguing Sheepshead Bay area apartment listings, plus one commercial space — take a look at the details, and let us know what you think. Lots of luck in your search!

2950 Ocean Avenue, #C9
Available: Immediately
Price: $1,150, plus broker’s fee
Size: Studio, one bathroom
Details: Normally we see a studio and shiver at the thought of living in a literal box, walls creeping in on you, nowhere to go but the bathroom…but this place seems nice! The kitchen is separate, if narrow, and in addition to your main living space, there’s a foyer that we’d bet you could fit a desk in. Plus, it’s not too bad a walk to the subway. Seems like a pretty good deal for a singleton (with a pet, if you want, since they’re allowed).
Contact: Abraham Hauser of Phillip Salamon, for more info email here

4750 Bedford Avenue, #1B
Available: December 31
Price: $2,200, plus broker’s fee
Size: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms
Details: Say you need more space than a studio — this might be the ticket, where the walls will definitely not be closing in on you. The few photos make it look pretty spacious, though the listing claims the eat-in kitchen “can fit a table for 8,” but we’re having a hard time believing that from the pic. It’s a bit longer of a walk to the subway than the listing above, but a quicker walk to Emmons and the bay.
Contact: Joseph of RMR Apartments, 917-369-0749

2502 Kings Highway
Available: Immediately
Price: $5,000, plus broker’s fee
Size: Six bedrooms, three bathrooms
Details: Forget it. Just forget it. You need space? This place has it alllllll. Yeah you’re going to have to throw down a chunk of cash each month, but you’re getting this whole house, with a gorgeous dining rooms, some interesting tile jobs, that mirrored closet show above, a patio of the kitchen, and more. The catch (or, perhaps, bonus) is that there’s a doctor’s office in the basement — which you can also rent out for an additional $5k per month, or you can leave it to chance as to who your downstairs neighbors will be.
Contact: Liam McCarthy of JMKBK, 646-387-9551

1005 Flatbush Avenue (Image courtesy Hugo Koffman)
1005 Flatbush Avenue (Image courtesy Hugo Koffman)

1005 Flatbush Avenue (Sponsored)
Available: January 11, 2016
Price: $10,000
Size: Commercial space
Details: Great location, entire building for lease by owner. Just a few steps from the new Kings Theatre and the almost finished brand new hotel. Surrounded by top retailers in densely populated neighborhood with an average daily count of approximately 23,033 vehicles.
Contact: Hugo Koffman, 917-256-9937

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  1. 2950 Ocean Avenue is in line with studio prices in the neighborhood, the layout is pretty nice, in fact, I lived in the same layout when I just moved away from my parents home, it is a rather nice size for one or even a couple, the kitchen is small, but there is a dining area that can fit 4 people, and there is plenty of space for a queen size bed and storage units, plus, the bathroom as I remember, was also rather large, with a storage area as well.
    4750 Bedford avenue-a bit steep for 3 bedrooms for this location, if it were closer to the subway, it would fetch this price tag easily, I think 2K is a fair price for it.
    2502 Kings Hwy-this one is a tough sell as to afford this house, one needs to have a large family and possibly, a home-based business to utilize the doctor’s office space. Otherwise, the landlord would have to agree to accept roommates and I doubt they would want to do that considering the great condition this house is in. I am surprised that the owner does not put it on the market as this house is in the prime Madison location.

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