This Week at the Greenmarket: Meet Tali Biale, Our New Market Manager

Tali Biale, Cortelyou Greenmarket Manager

Tomorrow at the Cortelyou Greenmarket, please stop by the info tent to welcome our new market manager, Tali Biale, who officially replaces Samantha Blatteis, who has moved on to the market at Union Square. She’ll have tips on hand for anyone planning for Easter or Passover, and if you’re interested, you can ask her more about her work on a goat farm.

Tali not only now works in the neighborhood, but she lives here too, and she was kind enough to tell us a little about her background and about some of the vegetables she’s most looking forward to coming into season this summer.

What’s your background, and how did you get involved with the Greenmarket?

I have worked for Greenmarket on and off for over three years, first as an intern, and later as the manager at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Basically, whenever I come back to the city from working on farms, Greenmarket hooks me up with some kind of work, which is great because they are the best organization to work for — great mission, great people, and fantastic markets!

What attracted you to Ditmas Park, and why did you decide to move here?

Before moving to a goat farm upstate for two and a half years, I lived in Clinton Hill. When I came back, I was really excited to try living in a new neighborhood and was lucky to get to move in with a friend who has lived on Beverley Road for 8 years. I love Ditmas Park! It is exactly the place I want to be right now — calm, neighborly vibe, beautiful streets to wander, and just the right number of fun restaurants and cafes. After living in a tiny rural town, Ditmas Park was a great place to transition to — it has all the advantages of being in the bustling city but with a little less craziness than other neighborhoods.

What’s your favorite thing about living here so far?

The gorgeous old Victorian houses, Qathra’s steak sandwich (mmmm…), the food at Purple Yam (and Mimi’s, and The Farm!), the flowers at Sycamore, and this market! It doesn’t get any better than hanging out on a Sunday morning on the benches in front of the library, chatting with folks and enjoying the market energy.

Tomatoes at the Cortelyou Greenmarket

What’s your favorite item to pick up at the Cortelyou Greenmarket? Is there any fruit or vegetable that you look forward to most?

Like everyone, I cannot wait for tomato, corn, and peach season! But, right now, I’m loving all the variety we have at the market. Somehow, I’m still not tired of apples or root vegetables and the baked goods, cheeses, and seafood at the market are such a treat.

How hard is it to get up so early on Sunday? Do you have an early-morning routine?

After almost three years of milking goats at 5am, I have a little practice getting up early (although it’s a long hour before 7am when Qathra and Cafe Madeline open and I can get an espresso!). Right now, my morning routine involves layering on as many clothes as possible, so I look forward to the days of shorts and T-shirts!

The Cortelyou Greenmarket is open year round, rain or shine, on Cortelyou between Argyle and Rubgy Roads, every Sunday from 8am to 3 pm. For more info, check out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.